Friday, July 16, 2010

Saphris - Gaining Weight

So Saphris is out.  I am upset beyond belief, cry upset.  After counting my calories and making sure I had 1200 carories almost every day for a week, basically starving myself, I gained 1.4 pounds.  The doctor told me that the average weight gain was 2 pounds in schizophrenics in a year.  I told him my goal was to go down and not up, but then chalked it up to them eating more and not eating 1200 calories a day.  I thought I'd still lose, it wouldn't matter.

Not true, and I am SO UPSET!  The week before that, on Saphris, counting out 1200 calories, I gained 1/2 pound, which happens sometimes, but this doesn't happen 2 weeks in a row, and not 2 pounds in 2 weeks. 

Not only that, but I'm no longer motivated to do my homework for school.  I just simply haven't done it at all this week.  I'm behind since last Thursday (this is now Friday morning).  And I skipped a day of school even because of my foot when I could have gone in.  Also, I left school early yesterday as well. 

It doesn't even work that well for sleep.  Sure, I fall right asleep when I take it, but I wake up at 2:30am every single morning, getting up to drink a diet dr. pepper, making myself go back to bed eventually, sometimes in an hour, sometimes longer. 

I'm not going back to my psychiatrist to tell him it doesn't work.  Why?  So he can zombie-fie me again?  Give me another drug for schizophrenics when all I need is SLEEP?  The side effects far outweigh the benefits. 

I'm just positive the Saphris changed my metabolic rate or did something to my metabolism and am SO MAD AT MY DOCTOR about it!  He KNEW I was trying to lose weight!  He sabotaged me!  I'm wondering if it's time to see a new doctor who will prescribe sleep medication, but how will I know they will until I go see them and spill my whole life story to them?  I don't know any local bipolars to get a doctor reference. 

I guess it's back to Unisom and cold tablets *big sigh*


Rachel Mariner said...

My dear, I have been in your situation and the very hard truth of bipolar meds is just when it is the hardest thing to fight your corner, you are forced to fight your corner. You DO need to find a dr who will get you on sleeping meds. Stress the sleep disturbances. Sleeping pills were the first med I went on when I was diagnosed in 2001 and they are a huge help. Without sleep, you don't stand a chance. Don't tell the dr your life story. Tell them your symptoms as rationally as possible. Good luck!

I am amazed and impressed that you had such self-control to limit yourself to 1,200 calories a day on any antipsychotic. Those things make you gain SO MUCH wait. You already have a lot of strength and willpower. You will be fine.

I am writing from England. I send empathy across the ocean to you. Your fights to know yourself and achieve and be well are fights worth fighting and in the future you will look back and see how wise it has made you.

Megan Dewey Clark said...

I totally know how you feel!!! Completley!! My bipolar is pretty much regulated except for the fact that I can't sleep and I weigh 225 lbs. My normal healthy weight is 130... I gained 100 lbs in a year because I started birth control and all the hormonal changes screwed up my meds we have been adjusting ever since and just haven't been able to lose weight... until I started xanex.. My dr perscribed xanxex to help with my anxiety and restless leg syndrome and it does neither... it merely makes me feel a little manic... or normal I guess you could say and I never feel like eating... so the lbs are coming off. Antipsychotics are of the devil. I do take Geodon because it is the only thing that makes me sleep and the first two weeks I took it all I did was sleep.... I would wake up and the only thing that sounded good to eat were green beans... so after two weeks of that I had lost twenty lbs and it has kept me stable with the sleep... the only thing you have to worry about that one is you have to eat something to make you fall asleep. And as time progressed for me the amount I had o eat increased. so what helped me lose weight in the beginning after a couple of years did the oppposite. And I strongly oppose sleeping pills. Life is bliss with them but when I started the birth control they never worked again... some change happened that when I took one I was up all night.. tried them all. Ambien Lunesta Halcion... they all revved me up instead of making me sleep once I started birth control.... and it was MISERABLE!!!! I have taked to so many people who have taken sleeping pills and had the same thing happen after a couple of years... it is not worth it because if something alters your bodies chemistry and you are suddenly immune coping is really hard... I lost my job because it was so hard. so sleeping pills are scary. So try photo therapy or geodon because they are what works for me and I have a more healthy sleep than being drugged all night... when I was on ambien I would go to bed at 9PM and wake up at 9AM and I was still groggy and could barely do my job... so sleeping pills really are a double edged sword.. btw check out my bipolar blog... I am trying to get followers and join the fight against stimgma


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