Amantadine for Weight Loss?

I started taking Amantadine last week, and it has the strangest side effect that I wasn't expecting.  It's acting like an appetite suppressant.  I thought it was strange, so I researched it on the internet, and sure enough, it's been reported to do that for people on weight gaining anti-psychotics.  I take an anti-psychotic, but I don't think I take a weight gainer any longer, or at least I wasn't gaining any weight on Latuda.  I've actually lost 17 pounds since I started taking Latuda (with diet and exercise).  The movement of my tongue doesn't seem to be much better or maybe it is, I can't really tell.  I don't know what to tell my doctor now when I see him (in 4 months) - if it's working for my tongue or not, because I want to keep taking Amantadine for its appetite side effect. 

Mark and I went to counseling yesterday, and we really didn't have anything to talk about, so she just talked to us individually about what was going on in our lives.  She called us her "poster children", that we walked the walk, and said we could go longer to see her next time.  I feel like everything has been put out in the open and thoroughly discussed, and we've each been open to changing for the other one. 

I've been to my new school for 2 days now, and the jury is out about what I think about it.  People are definitely nicer there, I guess I'm just out of my comfort zone.  I don't feel like I'll EVER progress past 120, but maybe I always feel that way in every speed.  I definitely remember asking teachers in previous speeds "Do you really think I can do this?" trying to get encouragement from anywhere I could.  I see people in my speed for a year, I don't want to be one of those people!  I don't think I even have enough financial aid to be one of those people! 

I haven't really had any bipolar symptoms in awhile, or maybe I have and I just don't remember them because it hasn't been recent enough.  I didn't handle Mark's comments about our marriage or me very well, so I don't know if that's a bipolar symptom or just that I'm a sensitive person.  I don't think any woman would feel good about their husband telling them they thought they were overweight and needed to lose weight.  But, now I'm grateful that he did, because our counselor said she has many men who come in and feel that way about their wives and can't get the courage to tell them, but tell her they just don't find them attractive any more and they don't know what to do, while the wives are just going along thinking everything is fine.  Now Mark compliments my appearance, he's definitely good about giving positive feedback, maybe it's just to encourage me to keep running and dieting, but who cares, doesn't everyone like compliments? 

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tabbiecat66 said...

Hi, Im also taking Amantadine, ive been on it for a few years. Are you taking it for side effects you got from a certain med? if so which one? .In the beginning i thought it made me less hungry and gave me energy but as ive been taking it i dont feel anything. Maybe im just used to it. I know they are using it now for ADHD and i have that so it is helping me in so many ways. Let me know! Good luck
Hugs T.

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