Allergy and Possible Job?

Somehow I've developed a hydrocodone allergy from the time I took it last year to this year.  I obsessively itch and have a rash, especially on my face, which is rather odd.  I don't know why my body chemistry would have changed from then until now, but it has.  I'm still taking it after my sinus surgery when I need it because it's better than not taking it, it still has a pain relief effect.  I would call my ENT doctor and ask for something else, but it's the weekend, and I don't need it all the time.  It's just so strange.  It's impossible to go to sleep when all you do is lie there itching.  I foolishly took an allergy pill for the itching and then realized, oh...this will dry up my sinuses!  This has turned into a semi-nightmare, but it could have been so much worse.

I think I've found a job I want while I'm in school.  They always have posters and postings at school for part time jobs, but one caught my eye finally.  It's writing transcripts from home.  It would be perfect!  I could practice on my steno machine for school, and get paid to do it!  What better motivation would there be to practice than to not only get through school faster, but get paid for it??  I read all of the qualifications, and I have all of them, I just need help updating my resume with my school time gap.  I know how to write a good resume from being a recruiter, but I've never had to write one for anyone who was looking for work while attending school, and without current job experience.  The last time I worked was in November, 2008.  We should have a job placement recruiter at school who can help me with my resume, but since I've only been at this new school about 6 weeks, I don't know anything about it yet.  This company obviously wants court reporting students to fill their positions, or they wouldn't be advertising at our school!  It doesn't really matter how much it pays, just the fact that I'm getting paid to practice would be awesome!  Not only to practice on the steno machine, but my editing skills, etc.  I've taken Court Reporting English which teaches you how to punctuate for transcripts, so really, I think I'm the perfect candidate.  But then again, I guess we all are at school.  The question is - how many people will notice the poster and want the job(s)?  The posting said I would have to complete 2-3 transcripts to be considered for hire, if, of course, they like my resume and they're still hiring, so we'll see how it goes. 

That would be awesome to get a job - to feel like I'm contributing again.  It's an AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL feeling for me to be so dependent on someone financially.  I really hate it.  I've been able to take care of myself financially since I was 18, so these last few years have been particularly hard.  I know we're married and everything, and it's not that I want a back up plan in case we break up, I would just feel more comfortable if I were contributing financially and I wouldn't feel like I was spending someone else's money all the time, that it was my money, too.  And, even more so, we could use the extra money.  We were a two income family before I lost my job.  My husband can pay the bills very well, but I was doing pretty well myself, so it was quite a drastic loss when my salary went away.  We didn't cut back on anything, but there's not much wiggle room.  For my surgery, our portion was $1700, plus the doctor's fees, plus whatever the anesthesiologist will charge when we get his bill, and it's just all of those unexpected expenses that really add up.  It seems like there's something like that every single month.  If I still had my old job, it wouldn't have even been a bump in the road.  Oh well, eventually I'll graduate and all will be back to normal hopefully!  If I get that job and start practicing like crazy because I'm so money motivated, I'll graduate much sooner rather than later! : )


Jen Daisybee said...

Good luck getting your resume written up and landing that job! I know it's hard being unemployed for years, but sometimes people have life circumstances, that employers can understand. Or you can always just say you were taking care of an ill family member or something (after all that's not a total lie if you were busy taking care of your own health). I hope it works out!

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