Hearing - huh? what?

Yesterday in marriage counseling, Mark complained about my hearing.  Yes, I know he's complained about it for years - how he has to repeat things, how I ask him what people said in movies, on tv, etc.  Last year, a teacher singled me out in front of the class and told me to get my hearing checked out, that she thought I had some hearing loss.  But I've ignored all of this because I can hear, and what would I even tell a doctor?

So now, because we went to counseling, it's become an "actionable item", and I've made an appointment with an ENT for tomorrow.  On one hand, I think I just have a lot of built up earwax that needs to be cleaned out, that's happened for me since I was a little girl.  But on the other hand, for years?  If I do have some hearing loss, I can't imagine what would have caused it.  I'm so NOT looking forward to going to the doctor tomorrow.  I feel ridiculous - going to an ENT just to find out I have excessive earwax.  And they had to make sure they scheduled my appointment when an Audiologist would be available.  I mean really?  I'm not deaf, I don't need hearing aids.  I just can't hear when people whisper, and I say "what? huh?  excuse me?" a lot, and I find myself watching people's lips when they are talking quietly.  Built up earwax could totally do that I think, but I hate the process of cleaning out my ears at the doctor, it is SO unpleasant.  I hated it when I was younger, I can't imagine liking it now.  I hope that's all it is, I really can't imagine anything else.

I stayed home from school today, not feeling 100%.  I have a sinus headache or something, but since I'm seeing an ENT tomorrow, it's very convenient for me to bring it up 

Everyone always asks "who's your primary doctor?" when I call to make an appointment with a doctor.  I don't have one.  I always go straight to the specialist.  I suppose that's not good,  all of these doctors have different snapshots of what's wrong with me, no one has a full picture.  My psychiatrist, my counselor, my old ENT, my OB/GYN, my podiatrist, my dentist, my psychatrist, my dermatologist, my eye doctor - none of them has a record of all my ailments altogether. But why go to a general practioner who will just fumble around trying to figure out what's wrong with you when you can go straight to the source and save time, as long as you know what's wrong with you, of course.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow, my ears will be cleaned out, and I'll be hearing what I've been missing! 


Tanya said...

Do you remember your hearing improving when you had them cleaned as a kid? I'm always amused at how long I go without wearing my glasses until I get a new prescription. Then I realize how blurry my vision actually is.

Bipolar Alcoholic said...

I so agree with not having to go to a "primary" doctor. But with my insurance they make me jump through all these hoops just to see my psychiatrist. They made me se a psychologist before I could see a psychiatrist and then that psychologist referred me to a psychiatrist which I found out later, after I received the bill, that he wasn't even covered under my insurance! Grrr! It seems that they all don't even communicate. Just go straight to the specialist, that's the best way!

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