I had a great Christmas!  First of all, I was able to go the entire holiday season without seeing Mark's sister!  For Christmas Eve, we skipped the traditional family gathering with his parents and had dinner at an upscale restaurant, then spent time at the piano singing songs, with me drinking WAY too much wine!  We went to his parents house the next day to exchange gifts with them, and it was just his parents and us, way too cool!  No kids running around, just adults!  I was thinking wow, this is so peaceful! 

But we took our little dog with us, and when I took him outside on his leash, Mark told his Dad where we had gone for Christmas Eve, and his Dad said he had figured that we had wanted to avoid the kids this year, which Mark acknowledged.  It's really not so much about the kids frankly, it's having to buy gifts for ungrateful people, which I've already posted way too many times about the topic.  Not seeing his sister was just an added bonus, ha!  But anyway, his Dad told Mark how important it was for them to have ALL the family together during the holidays, and the only reason they did it every year on Christmas Eve was because that was when his sister always wanted to do it.  But since we wanted to do other things on Christmas Eve now, from now on we would all negotiate which day we would get together and she'll just have to understand.  When Mark told me on the way home, I thought, "Are you kidding me?  So we're not out of this for good?"    His sister will be so mad next year, but honestly, nothing will be keeping her from spending Christmas Eve with her parents.  It just won't be the whole family get-together at her parent's house on Christmas Eve.  And this year we made a stand - we didn't buy any presents for all the kids, so we can not continue that from hereon out.  Hopefully.  I don't think the kids even care - I don't remember my aunts and uncles buying Christmas presents for me growing up.  But again, it's not even about the presents!  I would gladly buy them something to make them happy, it's the parents!

Mark gave me the coolest Motorola running watch for Christmas, and I ran outside for the first time ever since I started running last July.  It was cold, but I found that I liked running when it's cold - you don't get all sweaty!  But I was disappointed in my performance, I only ran 3 miles, but really, after not running for 6-7 weeks, I should be happy that I can run that far without stopping to walk.  I had decided to take it easy on my first try, so I definitely can improve my performance pretty quickly.  The device has a website to track your runs, just so many statistics about them, I can't believe how cool it is!  And you can upload your music to the watch, and then listen to it on bluetooth headphones!  It really was an awesome experience. : )  I thought I'd be embarrassed running and having other people looking at me in their cars, but I wasn't.  I figured they were thinking "that's what I should be doing - getting off my lazy butt and running...", because that's what I always think when I see someone outside running.

I still don't know if I have the part time job yet.  I turned in the final transcript of the last audio file, and she returned it to me saying there were a lot of corrections needed, that the accuracy wasn't good enough and to check the sound on my computer.  I decided to put the audio file on my iphone and listen to it, and was really surprised at how much better it sounded!  I have spent an *unbelievable* amount of time on this one file to get this job, I mean really, it's unreal how much time I've poured into "possibly" getting a job.  If I don't get it, it will still be great experience for transcribing which I can use in my soon-to-be profession, but wow, the audio is so hard to hear.  Anyway, I listened to it for the final time and even had Mark listen to it to see if there was anything I had missed, then sent it back.  Hopefully (big hopefully) it's good enough for me to get the job!  If there are things that I can't hear or understand, and neither could Mark, then I'm just not meant for the job.  I don't who would be.  Maybe someone with expensive audio forensic software?

I'm out of school for about 2 more weeks.  I thought I would be bored, but I've kept so very busy so far.  I met with a friend from school to practice at Starbucks, but she ended up talking the whole time - for two hours! and I finally put all my stuff up and told her I was leaving.  She said "oh!  Okay, let's practice now!", but I was done, sitting there for two hours listening to her talk, while I enjoyed it, I wasn't about to sit there for a few more hours longer.  We have planned to meet twice a week at Starbucks to practice, and tomorrow is one of the days.  If she starts talking again, I really don't know if I can be rude and tell her I'm there to practice and I need to practice.  If she needs or wants someone to talk to, well, we're friends, I don't want to deny her that.  But at the same time, the whole reason we're meeting is not to socialize, it's to keep up with our schoolwork while we're on break.  Maybe I'll just act not as friendly or something, like I'm very determined to get to work, I don't know.

For once, we have plans for New Year's Eve.  I don't know why, but I've been really outgoing lately.  I made plans to see a show and have dinner, and celebrate New Year's at a comedy club.  Something sort of laid back, not too formal, but I'll still probably dress up.  I don't ever remember doing anything with Mark on New Year's Eve, but he was all too happy to do something when I suggested it.  It's like I'm always the "party coordinator" with him, and he's glad to show up to whatever I plan.  And if I don't play the part, he'll stay at home with me and not do anything, too. 

One of the things he wanted for Christmas was an Xbox, so I gave him one, and then we went today to buy him a television for his office because I realized that I didn't want him playing games when I wanted to watch television in the living room or when I wanted to sleep in bed.  So now he has his Xbox 360 and a big new television in his office, and I don't know if he'll ever come out!

That's about it, I can't see that I have any bipolar symptoms.  I've lost 30 pounds since my doctor switched me to Latuda in July, and to get back to the weight I was when Mark met me 14 years ago, I have 30 more pounds to go.  But for now, it sure feels great to be rid of those 30 pounds!    


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i just ran into your blog and i'm excited to read more of your story. i've been blogging for years but just decided to start an annonymous blog about helping my husband with his bipolar conditions. i have no doubt you will be of help! if you want to trade links on our blog rolls let me know! i wanna get the word out fast!

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