The Painful Price of Beauty

As I write this, I can barely see my screen, so forgive me for any typos.  I'd been wanting to try invidual eyelashes for some time now, and finally scheduled and appointment and got them today from the same lady who waxes my eyebrows.  The eyelashes are supposed to last for several weeks, and they look so much more awesome than mascara! 

I picked the long, curly ones, and she affixed them with no problem.  My eyes did get a little watery, but I thought it was just from her holding each eye open a teeny while she applied the lashes.

When she finished the first eye, I closed it, and WOW!  The pain started getting INTENSE!  That eye was rolling down tears, I just knew it was gettingn bloodshot and mentioned it to her, but she told me that it is normal for it to burn for about 5-10 minutes.  I was thinking, "Really?  Women go through pain this intense for this?"

So she finished the second eye, and the pain was practically unbearable.  Tears were rolling down my face, but she used a tissue and wiped them away, and told me the pain would subside in about 10 minutes, then she left and said she would be back.  I told her the pain was VERY bad, but she said it happened to everyone.  I thought, well, okay, maybe women just go through this, women do a lot of painful things for beauty.

So I sat in there for at least 10 minutes, but the pain wasn't going away, it was actually getting worse.  I got up and looked in the mirrow, and wow, my eyelashes ROCKED!, but my face, oh my gosh!  My eyes were bloodshot, puffy, and it looked like I'd  had a long crying spell for hours.  She came back and I told her how much pain I was in and she got concerned and had me lay back down and put a fan on my face for maybe 10-15 minutes, I guess thinking the glue needed to dry.  I was still thining this was "normal", and after awhile I thought I really didn't know, maybe it was a tiny bit better, and decided to leave. 

I got in my car, and that's when I realized I really wasn't okay.  I was in very bad pain and could hardly drive home.  I got in the house, ran to the medicine drawer and took 2 hydrocodone.  I was desperate, anything pain medication in the house I would have taken.  Mark freaked out when he saw my face and how unbearable the pain was for me, and we tried to find out if pain from artificial eyelashes was normal, but all I found was that iw as an allergy.

So I wente back to the salon and had the lady remove them, and she felt so bad.  THAT was incredibly painful as well.  But it still hurt. 

So I went straight to an urgent care clinic, and found both my corneas had abrasions, my eyesight in one eye is diminished for now (and it's now both), and I'm on two eyedrop prescriptions, one every 3 hours for 10 days.  Hopefully I won't have to see an opthamologist, but that's a possiblity if my eyesight doesn't clear up.

It sucks, because those eyelashes looked KICK ASS on me!  I asked the doctor (I probably always ask ridiulous questions), if I could try getting them again later, just at another place instead.  She, of course, said no, I should stay away from the process.  I have no problems with false eyelashes, so I don't understand why the process of individual eyelashes would cause an allergic reaction.  I'm thinking it's the glue, the doctor thought maybe a combination of that and perhaps sanitary conditions,.

As excruciating as the pain was (and it's not gone yet, but better), if I thought I had a chance to get them again and it wouldn't hurt, sure, I'd do it!  They're great!  My husband would kill me though.

Why must women endure such pain for beauty?  My next beauty endeavor?  Hair extensions!  Don't know when, but eventually. ; )   


irishmom79 said...

Hi, my name is Tina and I was just told that I have bipolar. I feel better knowing but I also feel overwelled by the news. See, all my life my family has said jokingly "Tina is having her momnet" and now i find that it is part of the illness. I'm glade u started this blog and now I have somewhere to go when I feel lost.

KansasSunflower said...

Tina - I felt overwhelmed by the news too, and questioned the diagnosis for years. I have my totally lost moments, and my few moments of feeling incredibly normal and wondering how could anything be wrong with me, like now. Good luck in your journey, and if I can help in any way, let me know! : )

crazylife said...

Wow, that's awful, I've thought about getting them done and this definitely changes my mind, so not worth it!!
Think twice before you get hair extensions, I've had them done many times and although it looks it really damages your hair. Now if if want the same look I wear clip in hair extensions , same look no damage and less expensive.

KansasSunflower said...

Crazylife - you probably wouldn't have the same experience. When I went back to school on Monday, my friend had individual lashes done over the weekend too without a problem! So I think it's pretty uncommon to be allergic to the glue. Isn't there a way to get extensions without damaging your hair? I can never find ones that match my hair, and although my stylist said he can color ones to match, I dunno....

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