Regular Visit with Psychiatrist

I went to the psychiatrist for my normal visit, and he said I was doing really well.  He gave me enough refills for 6 months, and of course I'll go back if anything happens between now and then.  He asked if I'd lost any more weight since I'd seen him (second visit since I started taking Latuda), and I've lost 31 pounds since I've started Latuda.  It seems like it has started coming off more slowly since Christmas, but I could have just reached a plateau.  I've ordered a measuring tape to see if I'm losing inches instead of pounds.

I've increased my running.  Since school started up this year, I get up at 5:00am three times during the week and run 4 miles.  Sometimes it's freaking cold in the morning, even though I live in the South!  Yesterday it was 30 degrees outside, but I'd prefer that over 80 degrees and being hot and sweaty. Last Saturday, Mark and I got up and went to IHOP and had breakfast (I had egg substitute and turkey bacon, but it still felt like I was cheating since I was having breakfast out!), then went to a running trail.  It was so fun to add something different to the rotation!  I have some serious cramps this morning, but I think 'll do it again today (it's Saturday) once Mark wakes up.  We don't run together - he runs much too fast for me.  Last week, all the runners passed me on the trail, and I passed all the walkers.  A 13-minute mile is pretty slow.  I finally got it under 13 minutes on my run yesterday - yay!

School is going pretty well so far, I'm starting to get in the habit of recording more of my classes and setting up a schedule of practicing more regularly.  I've set up times with one of my friends from school to practice every day after school, so we can keep each other accountable.  I really hope I can stick to it.

I start my new job next week.  I finally got my fingerprint card in the mail to them, so now the fun starts!  Ha!  It's SO nice that I can do the job from home whenever I want, instead of having to be somewhere at a certain time.  AND I found out I can do as much or as little as I want, so that's even MORE awesome.  When I think about it, perhaps that's not such a good thing, I don't know how disciplined I actually am.  I am very money motivated, however.  Maybe too much so.  Knowing Mark, he would let me spend every penny of what I make on myself, which is not good.  I should be helping contribute to the family's expenses, which was the whole purpose of my getting a part time job!

No bipolar symptoms to report at this time.  I'm sure I've had moments of anxiety, depression, elation, but isn't that normal, to have "moments" of feelings, especially when they're not drastic?  I think normal highs and lows that are fleeting are natural, but for me, being self aware is the key.  Looking inward sometimes and asking "Am I feeling appopriate for this situation?" when I feel extreme has been very helpful.  At least the other day it was when I figured out I was PMS'ing.  I was so cranky, and I stepped back and thought "Why does it seem like I'm arguing with everything Mark says?  Is it me?", and then I realized, "Oh, it's that time of the month...", and tried to have a more pleasant disposition since I realized it WAS me and not him.  When I was in the moment, it seemed so rational, but when I reflected, I saw that it wasn't.  It's not easy to do at all! 



Bipolar Alcoholic :-))-: said...

Wow that is great that you've lost 31 lbs. What is the medicine you are taking? I take Lamictal and Effexor because I am more on the depressed side, but both have a side effect of weight gain. I'm afraid to change my meds because they are working well for me, but maybe I will ask my psychiatrist about what you are using.

KansasSunflower said...

BA - thanks so much!: ) I switched to Latuda instead of Geoden in July. I also used to take Seroquel until January 2010 and that was such a weight gainer, too! But Latuda is the biggest drug that helped me lose weight and kept me mentally stable. I take Lamictal also! If something is working for you though, why change what's not broken? : )

Tiffany Crader said...

Very good blog. I can relate.

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