Happy Day!

Today is my doggie's birthday!  Well, not really his birthday because I don't know when that is since we adopted him, but the first anniversary of when we got him!  I bought him a few birthday presents and got him a cake:

I hope he likes it!  It's a banana cake with peanut butter frosting.  It's way too much cake for a 5-pound dog, so I guess I'll give him a slice of cake every day until it's gone. 

We celebrated Valentine's Day early this year since I only "cheat" on my diet/lifestyle eating habits once a week, and usually on Friday, never Tuesday, which is Valentine's Day.  I was so sick on Friday, so we went to dinner last night (Saturday).  We had a lovely time, Mark spent a small fortune on dinner which isn't ununsual for us, but this was really over the top.  He surpised me with a ring I had been wanting since Christmas:

He pulled it out of his jacket pocket, and when he handed it to me and I opened the ring box, I announced "Yes, I WILL marry you!" which got a few laughs from the tables around us.  I've never had a ruby before, and had been wanting one so badly!  I used to always lose jewelry he gave me, but recently I convinced him that I'd never lost my wedding band, engagement ring, Rolex, or diamond cross he'd given me, so I guess he decided I was "responsible" enough to try jewelry again.  Ha!  But really, I have been pretty irresponsibe with the jewelry he's given me in the past.  I can't count the number of diamond earrings I've lost.  But I think I'm a different person now, I'm not scatterbrained any longer.  At least, not as much!

The doctor gave me Flovent as an inhaler for my cough variant asthma, and when I started it, I also stopped the antibiotic for the dermititis the dermatoligist had given me, which had seemed like made my coughing much worse.  Well the day after I stopped and started both, I got really sick.  That night I went to bed, and I stayed in bed for the next two days.  I felt like I had the flu, I couldn't eat, I took everything we had in house to try and feel better and NOTHING worked.  I had considered Thursday night calling my doctor the next day and going to see him on Friday, but when Friday rolled around, I just wanted to stay in bed.

Yesterday, Saturday, I felt better, so I searched for reactions from Flovent.  One of them that you should "call your doctor immediately" about is flu like symptoms!  Ugh!  But if that were true and I'm still using it, wouldn't I still feel like I had the flu?  I honestly don't know what is wrong with me at this point.  Sometimes I think, "Is it all in my head?  Am I making myself cough?"  I know I can't help it, but if I think "don't cough", I cough so much more.  When I forget about it, I cough so much less.  But there are "triggers" that make me cough uncontrollably, just like there are triggers in bipolar disease.  Of course, I cough all the time, but just when it gets really bad.  I'm afraid to go back to the doctor on Tuesday and he'll say "There's nothing wrong with you!", and then what will I do?  It's SO like being bipolar, you just want a LABEL on it, for someone to tell you, "YES, there IS something wrong with you, and YES, there IS something we can do to fix it!"  Mark still keeps hoping I have an infection.

I plan on running today, even though it's freaking cold and that's one of my "triggers".  I haven't run since Monday because I've been sick and frankly, I've been scared to worsen my cough.  But I can't lose momentum, I worked too hard to get to where I am and to just stop and have to work back up to where I am now, that would suck majorly.  So even though it's about 20-30 degrees outside, I'm going to see if Mark will go to a trail with me and run this morning when he gets up.


Bipolar Alcoholic :-))-: said...

Oooh, I love Ruby's; it's my birthstone! That was so sweet of him. It's funny you guys celebrated valentine's early...we did too. It's my husband's birthday also and we exchanged gifts last night. I hope you have a great week and run til your hearts content!

KansasSunflower said...

Thanks, BA! You're always so sweet : ) I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday!

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