I Passed Test #1!

I passed my first 120 test today!  I have to pass 6 tests to move on to the next speed (2 Jury Charge, 2 Question & Answer, and 2 Literary), and I passed my first Jury Charge today.  I didn't know I was getting close to passing a test, and then I did it!  Staying after school with the extra practice the last couple of weeks has really helped, I think.  Everyone was so happy for me - my teacher gave me a big hug, my friend was really happy for me, people I rarely talk to was telling me congratulations.  It's SUCH a big deal when people pass a test because you go so freaking long not passing tests and it gets SO discouraging that you really have to lift each other up.  Just think about it:  every day you fail tests, week after week, usually month after month:  how would that make you feel?  I really understand why so many people drop out of court reporting school.  It's really crazy - the percentage of people that start court reporting school that actually finish is like 6%.  Out of the 15 people that were in my original class, I think maybe three or four of us are left two years later.  I keep thinking of that Eminem song from 8 mile - the lyrics that say "success is my only mother fucking option!".  (I've never seen the movie, just like that song.)  But that's really true.  If I go to school all this time and I don't succeed, I have no back up plan. 

I was at school working on typing up that test and a transcript for school that's due tomorrow, and didn't get home until almost 4:00p.  I hadn't had lunch yet, so I was starving!  Now I have a TON of work to do - finishing a transcript for work that I started yesterday without knowing I'd be coming home so late from school today.  I am SO tired, but I'm drinking coffee, which I never do during the day because I have such problems sleeping.  I guess I'd better get used to this.  In the "real world", you have to go to work whether you're tired, you don't feel good, whatever.  Welcome back to the "real world", KansasSunflower!  It's just...with this job and school, some of my days have been 12+ hours!  I think today will be no exception.

Guess I'll finish making dinner before Mark gets home, then start on work and prepare for a long night before bed, then get up and do it all over again!

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