Just got home from my breast biopsy, and it wasn't quite what I expected.  The doctor made it sound like it was going to be just a simple procedure, and in retrospect, it wasn't so bad, but it was a lot more than I expected and scared me to death.

When they called my name, I expected to be led to regular patient's room, but they led me to a patient's hospital type room with its own bathroom, bed, and my own nurse.  When I saw it was that involved after she said "this will be your room", I freaked and closed the door to the bathroom and just tried to get it together for a minute.   

The nurse then went over the procedure, and I found out they were going to make an incision in the skin and do a core biopsy.  The paper I signed said "with a possible marker inserted", but then I realized on my way home that the doctor didn't mention she had put the marker in my breast for a future sonogram, and now I wonder, why not? 

Anyways, the worst part was just the ANTICIPATION of what was to come.  She numbed my breast with something that felt similar to novacaine at the dentist, and it must have worked right away because I didn't feel her cut my skin or anything.  A few loud pops later, and it was over.

So now I have this incision, I suppose it's quite small, all bandaged and I can't shower for 24 hours, lift 10 pounds, blah blah.  Not so much a big deal.  I just can't run for a few days at least is the biggest deal of it all.  She asked if I would please "double up" on sports bras if I ran Sunday.  But then she had to express her disdain of runners and bikers through her neighborhood, how they have the right of way and don't pay attention to cars.  Well, hello?  Don't pedestrians have the right of way?  So sorry she lives in such a nice area that is near a lake with a great running trail, but maybe she should have thought of that before she moved there!  She's a doctor, and she's saying how she'd rather go to the dentist and have have her teeth drilled than run or bike?  Wow!  Trust me, she could use a little running or biking.

So she's supposed to call either tomorrow or Monday with the results.  I really don't know what to think.  I'm not all worried, I won't be on pins and needles tomorrow (I don't think).  It is what it is.  But sometimes I freak out and it comes out of nowhere.  Right now I feel pretty calm about the whole thing.  But when I start thinking about the conversation I had with the nurse, her answers to my questions, I start to freak out again.

That's about it, just recording my experience for later reference.



Gledwood said...

Congratulations on being brave enough to go through with it. My friend had a liver biopsy which is NOT nice. They insert a miniature grabbing stick and literally tear a piece off the liver. I have just returned from my doctors where they couldn't get a vein for my blood test. I'm really glad I'm not on lithium where you get regular "sharp scratches" all in the name of monitoring. Lithium is for batteries! That's what I say.

KansasSunflower said...

Gledwood - I forgot all about that when I took Lithium - having to get blood tests! Yes, not a pleasant part of the medication! Ugh! But SO SO necessary, have you ever had Lithium poisoning? If you have, then I'm sure you don't miss your blood testing! : )

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