Good, Healthy Day!

The last time Mark went to Chicago, he brought back a "Save Ferris" shirt for me from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".  If you've seen the movie, you might remember that the kids at school started wearing them when they were collecting money because they thought he was so sick.  I LOVED it, and of course the movie was filmed in Chicago which is why Mark bought it there, although you can buy them on the internet.  I just thought it was a totally awesome random gift!

So today we went running at the lake, and the weather was great so there were a lot of people out running, biking, walking, cycling, and skating.  I don't usually pay a lot of attention to other people, I'm pretty lost in my own world, except for their pace.  So when a cyclist going the opposite direction from me stopped his bike blocking me, forcing me to stop, asking me what "Save Ferris" meant, I was caught off guard.  First of all, I hadn't even seen him, and second of all, who stops a runner causing them to lose momentum?  I was so worn out and was breathing heavy I could hardly think or talk, I finally found the word "movie", and then he named the movie, and I nodded.  Then he said he had thought it was "Ferris..." and then I turned around and started running again, and as I was running away, I heard behind me him saying "...Texas".  I thought later that I was probably rude, but I'm not there to make friends, and I'd never heard of Ferris, TX anyway.  I just can't imagine stopping a runner as hard as they look like they're working out.  The LAST thing a runner wants to do is STOP!  But...I guess you go to a public place, and people go there for different reasons.  I've noticed the most adorable little dogs, then notice they are with old men who are just staring at me smiling and give me the creeps.  I guess they think cute little dogs are the way to pick up women at the park these days.  But I've thought of my single friend often when I'm running.  She's in awesome shape, and I think it would be a great way for her to meet a guy, although again, you can't really stop a runner and start a conversation.  But she wants a guy who's fit, they probably want a girl who's fit and into the same activities they are, why not?  It makes sense to me, I mean, I would want that.

My poor boys (my husband and my dog) are suffering really bad from seasonal allergies.  I gave Bailey (my dog) a cortisteroid from last year, and he goes to the vet (his most hated place in the world) on Monday.  Between Bailey and I, we live in doctor's offices!

Mark and I had a good day today.  Had a good breakfast, went for a run, had a healthy lunch, then went shopping (what girl doesn't love that?) and then chilled out at home.  But now it's 5:00 am and I haven't been asleep since 1:30.  I HATE that!  I took 2 klonipin hoping it would just relax me no matter how much Mark is snoring and I would konk out and fall asleep.

Guess now is as good of a time to try than never!


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