Day One with "Bionic Devices"

So today was the first day I wore hearing aids.  Sure, when I put them on in the office yesterday, I could tell right away they made a difference, but then I couldn't really tell one way or the other.  I got concerned that they weren't fitting in my ear correctly or weren't working.

Then I took them out that night, and yes, I could tell a big difference.  But it was kind of nice, going to bed in a much quieter environment than as noisy.  It was a bit startling though when I removed them.

So this morning I got up and was putting them on and and was thinking "I'm not going to be able to even tell if I put them in right or not because I won't be able to hear a difference", and then I put the first one in.  Wow!  All of a sudden I heard all of these loud noises in the house that I had never heard before.  I put the second one in.  What was that running water sound in the bathroom I heard?  I looked all over for it but couldn't find it, but I could swear I heard running water.

I came downstairs to grab a water out of the refrigerator for school, and the refrigerator was making a loud clinking sound.  Had it always done that?  If it had, how in the world could I have missed that, because it was so freaking loud, and what in the world was it?  I opened and shut the doors, looked all around it, wondered if it was about to break down.

I put my things in my rollerbag and started rolling it across the tile floor and ouch!  My ears!  The sound of the wheels hitting between the tiles was so LOUD, I couldn't believe it!  Was it really supposed to be this way?

I got outside and was putting my bag into my trunk, and heard traffic - like on the freeway.  Could we actually hear the traffic from the freeway from our HOUSE?  That seemed unreal, that's kind of far, a few miles or at least a mile.

So I called Mark, and told him all of these things, and he said yes to all of those things - about the running water in the bathroom, about the refrigerator, about the traffic, and he asked had I never heard any of that before?    I said no, I had no idea, and he said well, good, so now you get to hear things that are actually pretty annoying.  I hadn't considered that.  Now I have to hear things that I probably would rather not hear.

I got to school, and the teacher started dictating over his microphone, and WOW!  Why was he so freaking loud?  Did he think we were deaf?  I sent a text to my husband about how loud he was, and his smart aleck reply was something like "so people who can't hear can HEAR HIM!" with a smiley face.

The audiologist said the hearing aids are only set on "Level One" - I think there are three levels, but she increases the sound gradually so it's not so startling and overwhelming right away.  I noticed soft speech was still a little difficult for me to hear. 

But I am NOT deaf.  I only have mild to sort of moderate hearing loss.  It's not that bad, just enough to annoy people and myself. 

It was a very interesting day, I didn't think it would make that big of a difference.


Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing about your hearing aids. I can't afford any right now but I know I will need them some day. I'm pretty near deaf in my right ear, and my poor daughter has to deal with me going "what?" all the time. It's frustrating! But...I've been worried about what you mentioned, how all the sounds that are there. I am extremely audio sensitive, and if there's a ton of different noises it's enough to feel crazy, very, irritable. Wish there was a way to block out all but voices, lol.

Gledwood said...

When I first had full-on mania (as opposed to hypomania) one of the most prominent of the weird experiences was that my hearing went INCREDIBLY LOUD!! It was literally like living in a house without walls. I could hear everything that was going on. People laughing, gasping... cars going shwooshshwooshshwoosh past... and the constant sound of someone sawing wood in the toilet (OK that last one might be something of an hallunination)...

As for going deaf, I had some horrible ear infection not too long ago and went about 50% deaf in one ear (it felt like I had a tree growing there, pushing its roots into my brain, it was horrible. And tinnitus so loud I could still hear it as I walked along the street). I realized I had a problem when I dropped my cards-wallet on the floor and didn't notice until I came back home to find it by my door... I thought NO THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. So stay with the hearing aid, trust me, a time will come when you're really glad you didn't miss something...

I wanted to ask you:~~
Is your hearing bad in one ear only? And would you ever deliberately not wear the hearing aid or turn it down just so you can be mercifully out of touch with somebody's conversation...? YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!

KansasSunflower said...

Alicia - yes, it's very frustrating having to say "what?" all the time! I wish I could control what I could and couldn't hear, like my neighbor's dog that wakes me up at night. If *I* can hear it, it MUST be loud!

KansasSunflower said...

Gledwood - well, there's no way to "turn it down", they're not old-timey like that anymore, they're quite sophisticated now, mine are bluetooth enabled and everything. It's computer programmed for my personal hearing by my audiologist, not by a dial or something. Both of my ears are equally as bad, I don't know why, and nobody can tell me why my hearing went bad, either. It's actually quite frustrating, not to know why or if it will get worse.

Life isnt worth it said...

Hi i have abit of loss in my left ear, ive been told i should wearing hearing Aids but i just havent gotten round to doing it yet!

Hope you are well


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