Debbie Downer Is Back

So yesterday morning (it's 4:00am now) I was leaving school and almost out when I saw a student from my previous school that had quit after about six months of attending.  At the time, it had seemed like we had been going FOREVER, and I had thought, "How do you just quit and waste all this time?", but it doesn't seem like so long now.

I was shocked and put my best happy face on and asked if she had just started there, and of course she said she had last week, and I may have said I was glad to see her while I was whizzing past her.  I kept going out the door, then I thought, "Wait a minute, I've got to tell my friends she's here!"

I've never met anyone quite like her, and I had hoped I never would again.  She was the most negative person I'd ever met.  It didn't matter what you said, she would say something bad about what you were talking about, even when you weren't speaking to her, which I learned not to.  We all avoided her, so she would listen to our conversations, and inject her own negative comments.  It was SO obnoxious, we could not stand it!  And she had to let you know that she knew something about everything we were talking about that we couldn't possibly know.  She would constantly bring up how intelligent she was on IQ tests she had taken.

It's been two years now, but let me see if I can think of some examples.  They are going to seem so petty, but when it's every day, several times a day, it really adds up and it grates on your nerves.  I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but there is one Star Wars movie I like - Return of the Jedi - I was talking to a guy at school about how much I liked it and why - the storyline, the scenes I loved, etc.  I mean, I was really talking about it in an excited way, like how much I loved how Yoda talks in the movie and was trying to talk the way he talks.  She was sitting across the table from me, and said flatly, "Return of the Jedi got the lowest reviews of all the Star Wars movies."  I wasn't even talking to HER, and she chose to say that to a conversation she isn't even involved in?  Why would you choose to say something negative about something that someone obviously likes so much?

So few come to mind now, but a girl at school has a daughter that she loves and tells everyone that she was the best thing that had ever happened to her even though she was an accident and she is a very young mother, and she gives her testimony at church to other young pregnant girls about how wonderful it is to be a mother.  She really loves her daughter and believes she saved her life at a crucial time.  I mean, she talks about about her constantly, but not in an annoying way, I just think she is always missing her daughter when she's not around her. 

So she was talking in class during break about how much she loved that her daughter's eyes were blue, how pretty they were, and the girl said, "you know, baby's eyes don't stay the same color, they usually change."  If someone is saying how much they love something, why would you tell them that that is going to be taken away?  What purpose does that serve?  By the way, two years later, they are still blue.  Anyways, after months of negativity to all of us and on top of that, commenting on her daughter, this mild mannered and overall very happy girl went off on Debbie Downer.  It was quite a scene and shocking to see.  This has been two years ago, and I can't remember anything that she said to her, just that she said what we had all been thinking for months, and it had been building up so it erupted in an angry way.

Now she's back.  She went to a different school, maybe to avoid us, and guess what?  We have all changed schools too.  But of course she's not my classes because she's had to start over. 

So I ran back to the classroom since I knew my two friends had an academic class at that time, and said "You'll never believe who I just saw!", and the mother said the girl's name.  She said she had wanted to tell me yesterday, but I had my ear buds in my ears and was practicing, and she didn't want to interrupt me to tell me. 

I'm SO freaking glad that I don't have any classes with her, she tries to spoil any good moment that she can, and good conversation that you're having.  But, I also believe that people can change, so you never know.  I'm just glad that I don't have to find out either way.


In the Pink said...

It is a shame that that girl has to be so negative and audacious. It was rude of her to interject into your private conversation with that guy about the Return of the Jedi. Just because you know something doesn't mean it is important enough to tell the world. She sounds like a geek who is more impressed with herself than others are. I am grateful you don't have any classes with her either.

PS: Return of the Jedi is one of my favorites too. :-)

KansasSunflower said...

I'm glad to know someone else appreciates Return of the Jedi! : ) Thanks Pink. : )

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