I'm Not Scared of You Psycho!

So I stared death in the face and went to see The Dark Knight Rises this afternoon.  I was actually quite conflicted about whether to go see it or not.  On one hand, such a tragedy had occurred, I felt bad about going to see a movie that people had gone to see and had been massacred by a psychopath.  It also made me very claustrophobic thinking about being trapped in a movie theater with no way to get out. 

But I'd REALLY been wanting to see this movie; however, I hadn't been paying attention and didn't realize it was coming out this weekend until the psychopath struck.  So, I wouldn't have even gone to see it this weekend because I wouldn't have known it was playing without all the publicity, however negative it has been, how's that for crazy? 

I finally decided I wasn't going to let some psycho keep me from living my life and went to the movie theater, totally expecting it to be empty - no lines, no crowds, no people.  WRONG!  I have *never* seen that many people at the movie theater at that time of day before.  We went to the 2:30 showing, but there were already people in line for the 3:00 show AND the 5:00 show! 

There was a portable police tower in the parking lot, and mall security SUV by the front of the theater as well.  It made me feel better, but...I couldn't help but feel a bit creepy about the whole thing.  I wasn't doing anything that the people who died or got hurt hadn't done.  They simply wanted to see the Batman movie like I did.

The movie was really good, I loved it, like I loved all the Dark Knight movies.  Christian Bale is awesome.  But what I don't understand is what I couldn't understand when I first heard about the victims - they said one of the youngest was 6 years old.  Yes, that's a young victim, but honestly, who takes a 6 year old to a Batman movie?  To me, they're shockingly violent and not for young eyes, but there I was in my own theater and saw parents with same aged children.  I guess at least it was at 2:30 and they didn't keep them up until midnight.  The last one with Heath Ledger, there were two young girls in front of us without parents, and while I loved the movie, I also found it so disturbing that I almost went and got a manager to have them removed.  I simply didn't think they should be there and it bothered me that they were being exposed to it.

In the movie, there are several scenes where someone is open firing on a crowd of people.  I found that way too creepy.  During the whole movie my mind kept going back to what had happened to 71 people as they tried to see this movie.  It didn't keep me from enjoying the movie, but it was on my mind.  Maybe I should have let some time go by before I saw it, I don't know.

So, although I can't get it off my mind, what happened in Aurora, and am just way too curious about WHY WHY WHY he did what he did, how could someone DO that, I do have good news!  I passed my last Q&A test at school on Friday!  So now I just have one more test to pass - Literary (I've passed one already) - and then I move on to the next speed.  I've been practicing a lot outside of school, and it's been paying off apparently.  Lit is pretty hard for me though, I don't know how long it will take.  Yes, I've already passed one, but I think it was just super easy and I got lucky.

I wore my hearing aids to the loudest restaurant we ever go to on Friday night, and shockingly, I could actually hear what the waitress was saying!  I usually have to ask Mark "what did they say?" after they walk off.  It was SO NICE!  I've been surprised every day by something new that I'd been missing. 

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