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I had my first Botox treatments yesterday.  It was totally no big deal at all.  I went in, they took "before" pictures and explained everything to me.  The procedure was exactly how they described - to me, it felt like mosquito bites for the needles, and like I'd been bitten by tiny mosquitoes without the itching for about 15 minutes afterwards, then you couldn't tell I'd had anything done that day. I go back in again in two weeks to take "after" pictures and get any touch ups if any are needed and so that the plastic surgeon can determine the best process for me personally going forward, and that's it!  The doctor is so super nice, I really like him.  Actually, the whole experience was very pleasant for me.  I wish all doctor's appointments were that pleasant.

We had a good 4th of July, just went to the city's fireworks display.  We got there about 3 and half hours early, but Mark was in an introverted mood, so it was kind of like pulling teeth sometimes to talk to him.  He really is an introvert and he when he gets in that mood, it's like he needs to be alone to recharge his batteries.  We saw the Avengers earlier that day which was a really good movie!  I tried to get him to see Magic Mike, but uh, for some reason he didn't want to go. : ) 

We've decided to talk to a realtor about selling our house to move to Chicago.  Mark spends a lot of time there for work, so we're just going to TALK to one to see what improvements she would suggest making and what she would recommend listing it for.  I can always transfer schools, that is no big deal.  I'm not terribly attached to Texas, or my blog would be named TexasBlueBonnet or something like that.  Yes I have friends here, but I don't see them very often.  I don't have family here, they are all in Kansas or Colorado, but you know, if I left, I know there are so many things I would miss.  I don't care so much for country music, but there are certain aspects of Texas that I've grown to love.  Certain songs they play in Texas that I love to sing along with that there is no way they would play in Chicago but they make me so happy, and I'm sure a million other things like that, that I wouldn't even realize until I moved (if we moved).  And I'm sure, if not soon, then eventually yes, we will move to Chicago.  If not in a year, then in five years.  My husband's career has just taken off like I can't believe since he started with this company.

He wants me to go to a reception with him to introduce himself to a new group of people that will be reporting to him.  I'm not sure why I need to be involved, but whatever.  I know he'd like me to be involved in company dinners, but they're usually in Chicago.  I guess that's a GOOD reason not to live there.  Yes, I can be very social, and yes, people usually like me, but does anyone really LIKE that kind of stuff?  Meeting new people and winning them over?  In a social setting, and I've taught Mark this, it's so freaking easy to get people talking and get them to like you.  All you do is ask them questions about themselves, act genuinely interested (and hopefully be genuinely interested), and the thing is, they get so engrossed in talking about themselves, a lot of times they forget to even ask you anything about yourself and come away thinking, "wow, I really like that person".  People LOVE to talk about themselves.  There's always something to talk about, but I think that's where Mark gets stuck, he's not creative and sometimes can't think of what to ask.  We'll go anywhere and he'll say "Why do people like you so much?", and I always tell him, "Didn't you see me asking them questions about themselves and watch how excited they were talking about themselves?"  But when we're just out and about, it's only when I really am genuinely interested.  I only pretend if I'm at a party or whatever.

I'm getting addicted to a game again.  That's the only addiction I can ever think that I've ever had - first it was World of Warcraft for two years, now it's Castle Age on my iphone.  I don't get addicted to drugs or anything chemical, not food really, I can't think of anything but role playing games.  But actually, isn't that kind of the same thing as the others?  A form of escape?

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