To Move or Not to Move?

Mark has decided we should move to Chicago because he's taken on a new role at work that requires him to be there three weeks out of the month, not including weekends. He's always traveled with his job, but the most he's ever traveled has been two weeks a month, and that was not every month.  I think it was some revelation that came from one of his counseling sessions about trying to be happy.  I would actually like to move there, and he has always known that.  While Chicago would not be my first choice if I could choose anywhere to live, when I moved to Texas with my ex-husband, it was the last state I would have ever chosen to live.  I think I would like moving back to the midwest, although I've only been to Chicago once. I loved it!  But I just don't like the whole Texas culture thing, I never have. The cowboy attire, the country music, the accent (which I have unfortunately acquired I'm told by my family) the freaking hot summers - I realized after he told me we should move (I have been suggesting it to him for several years now) so we could be together, how much I really don't like Texas.  I've never felt like I "fit in".  I've never considered myself a Texan, although I've lived here for 24 years, much longer than I lived in Kansas. 

I'm so shocked at the lengths Mark is willing to go for us to be together in Chicago.  Right now he is trading in his Mercedes for a less expensive vehicle for smaller car payments to help with the move. He's also planning on selling his Range Rover, which we own - perhaps today, I don't know.  I don't think you really need a lot of cars there, it sounds like people use public transportation a lot, I'm not sure.  Ick, public transportation! It seems so disgusting to me, but he tells me there's a nicer train that costs a bit more that isn't gross.  But for some reason, he's got a lot of motivation suddenly.  However, we can only move if and when we sell our house.  The realtor is coming this week to talk to us.  I told him I would trade in my BMW too, but he refused to entertain that idea. 

Who knows if and when we will move to Chicago.  All I know is Mark is traveling a lot and I think it is very sweet for him to want to be with me and go such big lengths for us to be together instead of traveling every week like so many people do. 

I had a great day on Friday!  I woke up and weighed myself, and lost 2.4 pounds!  So 13 more to go - 47 lost now.  And then I went to school, and passed a Q&A test!  Freaking awesome!  But it wasn't just luck, I've been staying after school for an hour practicing just Q&A, and practicing more at home too.  I guess practicing actually works!  Who would have thought?  Ha!  And I can go to school anywhere, it doesn't matter where I live.  I just can't do the whole online thing.  I'm not a disciplined person when I'm at home, for sure!

Who knows what the future will bring?  Maybe a move, maybe not.  Either way, cutting back on expenses is never a bad idea, especially in this economy.



Bipolar Alcoholic :-))-: said...

Sounds like you have a lot of exciting changes going on in your life. I hope it all works out. Just make sure to plan everything through and not rush into anything. In many of my manic states I've jumped into things head first and fallen flat on my face! ;-)

KansasSunflower said...

So true, I have too! I'm actually not really doing anything, Mark is doing it all. I'm just giving my approval or disappoval. Changes can set me off though - suddenly I'm feeling really anxious.

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