Are We Moving?

My husband's company agreed with him that he should move to Illinois, and is requesting a relocation package from HR.  I was skeptical about what it would be until he talked to someone who is a lower level executive than he is and told him what his relo package had been, and was amazed and realized this could really happen.

His company can move SO SLOW on getting approval from HR on things, but we were told that part of the package was a down payment on a new house in the new city and the closing costs paid.  We had planned to rent when we moved until we figured out the best place to live, but who would want to give that up if it were offered to us?    So now it's a struggle to comprehend this massive city and where are good areas to live.  It's not easy, and the cost of living there is much higher than Texas.  I think I will rely highly on a real estate agent, because it seems like everyone there has their own opinion, which is always different from one another. 

But who knows if it will actually happen, nothing is certain unless we can sell our house.  One minute I want to move, the next minute I don't.  Calling around scouting out schools just to see what was out there left me in the "not wanting to move" category, but then I found a school that was much less expensive than where I attend now, yet the demographics are less than desirable.  Mark told me I'd just have to get used to that - that's where we'll be living, but I'm originally from Kansas, I have been sheltered from diversity most of my life.  I'm sure it would be good for me, but does everyone always want what's good for them?  There is some diversity where I go to school now, but somehow I manage to avoid it.  I know that sounds weird, and it's not on purpose, I have just never had to deal with it before. 

Mark has put us on a budget.  I've been used to buying what I want when I want, but now I have an iphone app that shows me how much money I have in certain categories to spend per month, and I'm supposed to enter my purchases as I go.  He's been pretty generous - I have my own category to do whatever I want with, and I do feel very grateful to him that he supports us while I go to school and not work.  We've always been a two income couple, so it's been quite an adjustment over the years, but luckily his salary and bonuses have been increasing with regular yearly adjustments and promotions.  When I finally finish school and do get a job, we probably won't know what to do with the extra money, except by then my student loan will be HUGE.

Which reminds me, my friend at school dropped out and said she needed to look for a full time job.  I don't know if she just got discouraged or what, but she'd been in school for three years.  In six months, she's going to have a rather large school payment to make each month.  Besides, she's been going to school for so long, why waste three years of your life not to see it through?  I don't know everyone's particular situation, and people drop out of school ALL THE TIME, but I'm sad to see her go.  I hope she comes back eventually.

Something funny happened this week!  Mark's urologist found he was low on testosterone a few years ago and he has been giving himself weekly shots, and somehow that led to increased estrogen, so recently he started taking some sort of anti-estrogen pill every other day.  He was sitting in his office and got really, really hot and couldn't figure it out for awhile, why he was so uncomfortably hot suddenly, then he realized he had forgotten to take his anti-estrogen pill, and his estrogen levels probably shot up, just like what happens to menopausal women, so basically, he had a "hot flash".  I laughed SO HARD!  I had to ask him a ton of questions about what it was like - I never thought I would be asking my husband to tell me what having a hot flash was like for future reference!  And sure enough, he said once he took the pill, he felt much better in about thirty minutes. 

UGH, I got this mailer from my insurance company about what to start getting checked and when now that I'm over 40.  I appreciate that they waited until my 44th birthday to send it, but who wants to see something that lists things all the way up to age 65?  Or even told they need special health considerations because of their age?    Except for hearing loss, I don't have any health issues.  Oh yeah, and my mental illness, who could forget that?  Well, I could.  It doesn't hinder me from doing anything at all.  I just take all of these pills at night and that's it.  I don't know if it's because I don't have the most severe form of bipolar disorder or if I'm just being treated correctly and have it under control. 

Hardly anyone knows I am bipolar, I've not told anyone who doesn't absolutely need to know.  My own family doesn't know, just Mark.  Mark's family doesn't know.  None of my friends know.  A few people at a previous employer know because I went out on long-term disability when I checked myself into the psychiatric ward know, but that was 11 years ago.  Health care providers know, and actually, the last time I went to the doctor - a plastic surgeon for botox - I didn't even tell them.  It's my deep, dark secret, and no one has even guessed!  No one has hinted!  No one has suggested that I need to see a doctor!  I've not asked for special treatment, and don't consider myself different in any way as far as being functional in society.  I don't know what I would do if people found out, and it's made me a bit paranoid and I've considered closing my blog to the public.

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