I had a great birthday!  I don't even want to think about how old I am now, but I think going into a birthday if you just forget your birthday is even coming up, have absolutely no expectations, then when it's a pleasant day, it ends up turning into a great day!

Mark took off this whole week from for my birthday, which I was thought incredibly sweet.  It's been SO hard getting up and going to school with him being at home.  I actually missed three days of school because of it.

On my birthday, I got up blurry eyed and sat on the couch to drink coffee while waking up and Mark was outside running.  For some reason, I looked up, and saw all of these packages wrapped in pink with huge pink bows, a pink sash that said "Another Year of FABULOUS!", a big pink party hat that said "All Hail to the Birthday Princess", and all kinds of pink party favors.  Mark went out of his way this year - he's never done anything like that before!  I felt like a little kid.  I had planned on going to school that day, but when I saw that and on the trouble he had gone to and the fact that he had taken off work that week for my birthday, I thought, "How can I go to school today?"

We did just regular stuff that day, nothing special - went to breakfast and went clothes shopping (although he hates going clothing shopping with me, that was a birthday thing, I think), grabbed lunch on the run, and then a really nice dinner, followed with cupcakes and candles at home.

He had decided to make a cake for my birthday earlier in the week, and I just so happened to be on the phone when he was reading the cake box directions.  I think he only got to the first line - "Grease pans".  He said "GREASE PANS?"  What does that mean?  Grease them with what?  And how?  My poor husband, he has no idea how to cook. I've left him helpless all of these years if he doesn't even know how to follow the instructions from the first line of the instructions of a cake box.  I calmly explained what that meant and how to do it, not because I wanted him to make the cake, but because I felt it was important information he should know!  He decided it was too complicated and abandoned the idea - ha!  Probably a good idea, who knows what instruction number two would have said!

I went to the OB/GYN, and I'm so ridiculous, panicking in my last post.  I have a cyst, so it was nothing.  I really get myself worked up sometimes.  But while I was there, she prescribed some menstrual cramp medication for my awful cramps.  Hopefully it will work - the next step is birth control and just skipping the sugar pills so I completely skip periods which I've done before, but it makes you retain water and gain weight I think is what I think happened.  And who wants to take ANOTHER pill?  I sure don't.

We went to Mark's parents house last night because his cousins and aunt and uncle from Kansas were in town, and his whole family is very nice, but his sister!  Why does she have to be such a bitch?  She doesn't actually do anything that is mean or spiteful, she just...avoids us.  Won't even look at us.  I have no idea what her deal is.  I told Mark before we got there to be sure and tell both her and her husband how good they looked because I knew they had both lost a lot of weight even though I hadn't seen them yet, and he made a big deal about telling them that, even though later he told me he thought they were still fat.  They still looked better than they did, no matter if they have more weight to lose, and even if they don't lose more weight, they're definitely a lot more healthy than they were. 

But even then, we were very nice to his sister, yet she acted the same way.  So, it's quite relieving knowing it's nothing I'm doing, she just has her problems with us, and there's nothing I can do.  I can get rid of the space she's been occupying in my mind and fill it with pleasant things now.  I don't care if she's jealous or if she just doesn't like us for whatever reason, I'm going to stop trying to figure it out, it doesn't make sense and it doesn't matter any more. 

We stayed really late, and all the little kids were still up.  At one point, one of his cousin's little girls had put toys in a small red wagon and was running it in a circle and across tile in the kitchen making LOUD noises, and I mean LOUD.  And she was only half dressed - she just had a skirt on and she was about 5 or 6.  She was doing it for about 15 minutes or so - I was like "where are you parents?" Mark had zoned out about an hour earlier or so and was no longer comprehending what people was saying because he never stays up that late, so I told Mark it was time to go.  There were four cars parked behind us, and we had to get them all to move.  I could tell in his cousin's face that he was hurt and disappointed, and I was thinking - well, take care of your kids!  I didn't say that, but Mark's sister in law actually said that to us, so I wasn't the only one thinking that.  I realize if you have small kids you are probably used to them making unusually loud noises and blocking it out and probably don't hear it anymore, but especially to someone wearing new hearing aids, it was unbearable. 

I need to refocus my energy back on school now that I've been out for three days this week.  And on my diet - after my large birthday dinner on Thursday, when I weighed on Friday, I had gained 1.2 pounds!  Ack!



Amy Purdy said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! That was so sweet of Mark, and also very cute about not knowing how to grease pans lol I used to keep up with your blog (it's been a few years) and I just now found it again. I'm glad I did! :)

KansasSunflower said...

Thanks, Amy! I'm glad you found me again too! I've been thinking a lot lately about taking my blog offline. I never used to worry about people finding it and figuring out this is me, but I have been lately, I don't know why. I haven't done it yet, but it's been weighing heavily on my mind.

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