Cell Phone Drama!

In hindsight, which I know is 20/20 (I know people say that and what it is supposed to mean, but it doesn't make sense when I read it), the ramifications of my bad luck has shown me how nice people can be, suprisingly so, and how, if something bad happens to me, it doesn't have to bring me down.  It's like I've always known and counselors always say - it's not what happens to you, but how you take it and respond to it.

With my car accident, everyone was surprisingly nice, and even when I called the insurance company and told them it was my fault, that I was looking down and rear ended the car in front of me (I omitted the texting part), she said I had been such a good customer for so long that it wouldn't count against me on my insurance.  What?  That's crazy!  I don't have one of those accident forgiveness insurance policies - my insurance company will raise our rates for a simple speeding ticket which is usually what my husband and I get, not accidents.

I took my broken iPhone into the Apple store after fighting with two AT&T stores, and by the way, they are SO RUDE.  Of course I couldn't call any AT&T stores because I didn't have a phone, so I was going to one without talking to them first.  The first one apparently catered to minorities as the first thing I noticed was Spanish on the door and windows.  There's nothing wrong with that, so I went in, but got the cold shoulder.  No one wanted to help me, and they acted like I had no business being there.  I hear people say sometimes that they've been the victim of "reverse discrimination".  If you're white and you're a victim of discrimination, what exactly is "reverse" about that?  Is the idea that only whites discriminate, so if a non-white discriminates against a white person, it's a bizarre world?  Discrimination is discrimination.  I went to another AT&T store, and found out only the Apple store stocks iPhone 5's.

But back to people being NICE.  I went to the Apple store the next day and was fully expecting to buy a new phone.  I told them what happened (that I dropped it, but just from my ear to the floor, but the hard tile in my kitchen), told them I didn't buy insurance and needed to buy a new phone.  The technical guy came over to me, showed the other Apple techie guys my display that was very strange, and they started trading stories about what they've seen so far on the iPhone 5's.  My tech guy then said in a quiet and low voice "I know you dropped it and everything, but we'll replace it for no charge."

I was stunned.  When does THAT ever happen?  That you break your cell phone and they replace it for free without insurance?  But they did, and it made me think I would be an iPhone user for life because of their awesomeness. Even though they didn't make me pay for it, I knew that next time if it happened, I probably wouldn't be as lucky so I bought insurance. 

So...sometimes you have bad luck, but you have good luck when you're resolving the problems the bad luck caused. : )

But since I'm on the subject of cell phones, a crazy thing happened at school!  My teacher was telling us today that yesterday in another class, a girl stole another girl's cell phone.  Somebody saw her do it and told the owner.  They called the cell phone, and it rang in the thief's purse.  The owner asked for her cell phone back, but she wouldn't give it to her.  I guess she denied taking it.  So the police were called.  Everyone told her if she would just give the girl her phone back, no one would press charges.  I guess not the girl, not the police, and maybe not even the school?  She still refused, so the police handcuffed her and took her to jail.  They found out she had outstanding warrants, and what happened to her from that point, I have no idea, but the good thing is that the cell phone got returned to its owner.

I can't even pretend to understand what made her take someone's phone, but since she did, even more so I don't understand why she would rather go to jail than to give the phone back, especially when the phone saga ended with the phone being returned to the owner anyway.  Was it hard enough to admit to herself what she had done that she couldn't admit it to other people - she was embarrassed?  Or she was so stupid that she thought if she kept denying it people would eventually believe her, that they had no proof?  People are strange.

School is hard.  I'm trying hard to motivate myself and tell myself I can do this, but it's really a challenge!

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You're right: racism is dirty filthy disgusting racism whatever form it's in!

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