The Truth Behind the Lower 1%

So...I decided what is wrong with me isn't really Mark after all.  I think I'm just upset about the election.  I've avoided facebook because I know there will be very angry people and others who will be joyous or gloating.  I don't know if I ever want to go back.  It's become a soapbox for people to spew hatred, at least that's what it was before the election.

But I don't really want to talk to anyone, even Mark.  He called when I was on my way home from school and I was just down in the dumps and he kept asking what was wrong, and I didn't know, I actually still don't know for sure, and I didn't care that he knew something was wrong.  I just didn't feel like "acting" happy and bubbly when I wasn't.  And every time he's called today, I just don't want to sit on the phone and talk to him, trying to come up with things to say or questions to ask him to have something to talk about.  It's not in me to do that right now. 

I'm sure I'll snap out of it, but I was in a fog at school today. I wasn't concentrating as well as I normally do.  I just didn't really care and was waiting for school to be over so I could leave. 

As far as the election goes, I doubt it will effect Mark or I much besides Obama constantly trying to create a class war and motivating people to want to impose higher taxes on people like us.  I try to explain my situation to people in financial aid at school, but it doesn't matter even if they do "get it".  We're like anyone else - we went from two incomes to one income when I lost my job, and no matter what our income is now, it's a lot less than it was and our bills are the same when we had two incomes.  Yet I don't qualify for pell grants or tax breaks for being a student at the end of the year - not anything.  It makes me so mad when people say "just tax people who make x amount to pay for this or that", like that's okay because it's not them, like we have too much, like what we have hasn't been earned, like we don't struggle just like they do.  Or I hear that we don't pay our fair share.  How is that exactly?  We're in the highest tax bracket and pay the most of all tax brackets.  There are no magic "tax shelters" that we're getting and paying less in taxes.  When I went to financial aid one time to get help beyond FASFA, the guy wanted to know what our income was.  So I showed him our tax return as he had requested and he looked at me in amazement and said there wasn't anything he could do, but that at least our income was good news for me. Well NO, if it was, I wouldn't be there asking for help!

So yes, for that reason I voted for Romney.  Not on social issues, but economic because Obama has stated very clearly that he is out to get people like us, and we are already stretched. And he's angered and turned people against us that don't know us at all.  They want to take away from us I guess because they think we have too much and they don't have enough.  What is wrong with the world when people think they can take from you to give to themselves?  They may say I'm selfish, but I think THEY are the ones being selfish. 

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