Selling the House - So Stressful!

Everything has gotten so real all of a sudden.  I thought I was so ready to just pack up and leave the state and move to another city, but now that it's coming down to interviewing realtors to sell our house and appraisers coming -  all at the request of the relocation company from my husband's company's employer, it is making it a reality. It's very stressful and scary. 

We went to couple's therapy and both conveyed our stress to her, and she said stress even when you are wanting to move to a house you like in the same city is very stressful.  So, I guess this is that stress times a million, I don't know. 

With Mark traveling so much for work, I'm going to have to do a lot of this by myself to get the house ready to put on the market by the first of January. The outlook is far from good.  We've been paying on our house for ten years, and we're STILL upside down.  That's *crazy*!  It could be worse.  We have enough in savings to make up the difference, but for people living in states or cities where they have $100k or more to make up, we just wouldn't be able to move.

On top of that, of course we have to come up with *more* cash for a downpayment on a new house.  I know, so why buy right away?  Why not rent, save up, decide where you want to live in a new city?  Because his company is pushing us to buy, buy, buy right away.  They have all of these incentives to buy a house immediately after we move, all of these things they will pay for us if we buy a house within 60 days of selling our house and moving to corporate housing, and that would be a lot of money to waste if we didn't use it.

I guess his company wants us to plant roots right away in case we move there and decide we hate it - that way we've bought a house, we're stuck.  I don't know, I'm guessing.  I could be wrong.  It might just be a nice perk.  But THAT is stressful as well because realtors in that city want to know where I want to live so they (I guess I talked to the relocation company again, I'm starting to get confused about who I am talking to on the phone) can assign me to a realtor in the correct area - there are 24 offices in the city.  So will the interview process take place AGAIN to find a realtor to work with there?  I have no idea.

But after talking to the realtors, for me, having a house on the market is going to be very stressful.  I'm not this super clean person, keeping everything perfect all the time in the house in case someone wants to look at it.  I don't make my bed when I leave - that's only a very small example. 

And this is all going to be mainly on me like I said, keeping the house this way.  And yes, while it is mainly me that will be making the messes in the first place, I don't have an eye for perfection at home. We have a maid service for that. 

All of the decluttering we've been doing - they want nothing to be anywhere, it's so much work.  But - it's things that have needed to be done.  I don't want to move things I never use anyway.  Some things I have been parting with have been bittersweet.  While I don't use them or wear them and I know I never will again, it doesn't mean I want to get rid of something.  Maybe that makes me a hoarder, I don't know.

So much to do before the end of December - carpet cleaning, maybe some replacement, painting, a bit of fencework, cleaning windows where we can't reach, I have no idea what else - whatever else either of the freaking two appraisers coming tells me.  And oh yes, the termite inspector is coming today too. 

Have I said I hate it when people I don't know come in my house?  I do, it makes me very uncomfortable until they leave.

I would say let's just fast forward to this time next year, but time goes by too fast already, I don't want to lose a year of my life and be a year older instantly.  And maybe this will end up being a fun experience.  But the part where we buy a house sure seems a lot more fun than this part of selling a house.


loonysuse said...

The only time my house is really clean is when I move. Then I wonder why I don't keep up with it since it's so nice to live in a clean house.

KansasSunflower said...

EXACTLY Suse! : )

Gledwood said...

Moving house is such a load of shyte. Really stressful. Inconvenient. Everything. You know "Real" Housewives of Washington DC came on and this woman was boasting about supposed high house prices in Washington, citing $1.25 million as a supposedly expensive house... Well the house that I used to live in that was an outright crackhouse is worth over one million US dollars, and that's a very ordinary 3-storey London house in a cosmopolitan but by no means posh neighbourhood!

It's weird the company is trying to get such financially-rooted loyalty. I saw that film with Jennifer Anniston where she pretends to be marrying the wedding photographer and stages a huge falling-out in front of her boss only to really fall in Luurve and truth becoming stanger than fiction and blah blah but her friend at the ad agency where Jennifer Anniston works says to really get on you need a house you can't afford, a car you can't afford, a spouse and kids...

Romana Priolo said...

Continue the therapy if you have to, okay? You sound so affected by the events. With an ongoing therapy, you can avoid the stress from totally consuming you. By the way, do you have a buyer now? Don’t worry, this will all be over soon. :] Cheers to the coming year! -->Romana Priolo

KansasSunflower said...

Romana - yes, hopefully we will get therapy again in Chicago, and yes, I am stressed! We don't have a buyer yet, hopefully we will get one sooner rather than later. I hope you have a Happy New Years! : )

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