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We looked at so many houses today it was dizzying, I think 9 or 10.  It came down to two that we had a hard time deciding which one we wanted more. One had a better location, one was a much nicer house. Yes, I know people say "location, location, location", but we weren't "in love" with that house as much as we were the other house.  I think we saw it more as an investment.  Who wants to live in what you consider an investment, not a home?  It was a very nice house, but we each had our own major issue with it, so we decided on the other house which is only 10 minutes away from that house and still in a great community. I am really, really excited and have been freaked out tonight that something will happen - someone will make an offer before we get a chance to, anything could happen.  I mean, this is like a dream home to me.  TO ME, not toe  everyone, but TO ME.  Yes, we took a loss in our house in Texas, but we are more than making up for it here!  I just feel bad for anyone who has to sell their house right now.  It sucks for everyone, there's no getting around it.  For every house, I look to see what someone originally paid for it and what they're selling it for and it's truly sad and heartbreaking.  The people we're making an offer to tomorrow will be taking a $150k loss.  I can't imagine anyone selling their house right now willingly, but I suppose there are reasons.  Our agent said they are relocating just like we are.

 I ran a 5k yesterday in the cold, and today I used the Stair Master in the apartment gym. It always amazes me when I'm at a gym and look around and everyone looks like they're already very fit, except myself of course. I'm sure that's a big part of how they stay fit, but what about the people WORKING to get fit? I remember in Texas I would see overweight people on the running trails and would be SO HAPPY to see them, they inspired me! They were out doing something about their weight, getting fit, and I had no idea if they had already lost 100 pounds and that excited me not knowing. I myself was much, much heavier when I started running, but I was running on a treadmill in the beginning.  I have been passed several times by people who "look" less fit than myself, but let's face it, that doesn't take much to look less fit than me! I see myself as this big blob and I look horrible in my clothes right now because I've put on about 10 pounds I think. I left my scale in Texas, but that's what it said when we left and I wasn't at a weight that I wanted to be before I gained 10 pounds.  But even just to maintain what I am today, exercise has got to be a regular part of my week.  I'm not 20 anymore, and I've seen what no exercise does to older people.

My blog feels very superficial lately. I'm not really a superficial person, I just have a lot of superficial things going on right now.  When I was exercising this morning, a song came on my headphones that almost made my knees buckle.  I hadn't heard it in forever.  This song, to me, yes, this song is what life is all about.  I remember my life without God.  It didn't have much meaning.  I don't understand a life without God.  Sure, I totally get people who haven't experienced what I and many other people have and can't comprehend a life without God in it, you don't know what you don't know.  In my teenage years, I used to make it my mission to tell everyone about God and how much meaning He had brought to my life so they could have it too, because why wouldn't they want to have so much more that I had experienced in my life if only they just knew about it?  I thought they just didn't understand and all I had to do was explain it.  It's not that easy.  I thought I was handing them this wonderful unwrapped present and all they had to do was open it and it would change their life the way it had changed mine, but it didn't work out that way.  So, if you're not a Christian and someone is very evangelical in your life and it drives you crazy, just know they believe they have this wonderful gift that they only want you to share because they care about you.

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