New York's New "Gun Mental Health" Law

I am very, very concerned about New York's new law.  I have no opinion about guns, that battle belongs to other people, not me. 

What is in the law DOES disturb me very much, very, very much.  Part of the mental illness section of the bill is that if a person is determined to be a danger of harming himself or others, a doctor must report that to the GOVERNMENT.  The government then goes to that person's house and seizes their guns, if they have any, of course.  I've never owned a gun, and I've never been any harm to anyone except myself and never, ever by a gun, are you kidding me?     

But then the government labels someone like me, who might at one time be suicidal, to be a "harm to society" forever? Who can search this government database that people are reporting to?  Will it affect me getting a job in the future?  Maybe a house?  How do I know if that will or will not happen?  How will I know if it will be searchable on the internet by anyone one day? 

I know exactly what it will keep me from doing.  Telling ANYBODY how I'm feeling.  If I feel suicidal, I will not tell a doctor who would report it to the government and label me a "threat to society" for the rest of my life, unknowingly ruining my life in I don't know how many ways.

Spare me the "if it saves JUST ONE LIFE". If it saves "just one life", why don't we ban boating?  There are boating deaths every year, skiing deaths every year, I could go on and on.

I have to find a new psychiatrist.  I will bring this up.  And it will be a major decider on if I choose to stay with that doctor or move on to another one.  And no matter what they say, I simply won't tell them if I do feel at harm to myself now.  How will I ever know if/when the laws change here?

I don't FEEL "mentally ill".  Yet society won't let me forget it.  It's this deep dark secret that they MAKE me keep shoving deeper and deeper into a dark, dark corner where no one can find it but the very, very few that I choose to let see it.  When I went to the family doctor last week, I didn't even tell him I was bipolar or on any medications.  He prescribed antibiotics and cough medicine not knowing.  But I'd rather have that happen than get "that look" from everyone.  I'd rather no one know any more.  I think that will be my M.O. now that I've moved and I'm getting all new doctors.  No one will know.  Except my psychiatrist.


Scott Bird said...

I know what you mean, I am a gun owner, and have been bipolar for over thirty years. I have never been a threat to myself or anyone else at any time, I have had to seek help a few times and have my meds regulated.

it seems all the government wants to do is hurt those of us that seek help when needed, and live a basicaly normal life, and are a posotive role in socitiy.

KansasSunflower said...

You said it much better than I tried to, Scott. Exactly.

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