Road Trip - Check!

We made it! We are in our apartment and are, for the most part, unpacked.  But it was a miserable trip.  We were both sick, Mark much less so since he had taken the flu shot earlier last year.  As we drove, I got progressively worse, and now I am so sick I find myself taking hydrocodone for my throat and chest just to contain the pain, and I've had this stuff for years and years so it's not like I abuse it.  We spent the night at the Ritz Carlton which should have been a fun time, but we were so sick we ordered room service, took way too much flu medicine and went to bed.  I was worse in the morning.  Five days after getting the flu, I find that I'm actually more sick and am going to the doctor today.  I hope school understands.  I'm supposed to enroll today.

MIRACLE OF ALL MIRACLES! We put our house on the market on the 9th, the first showing was on the 10th, and they made an offer.  We don't have anything on paper yet, so the house is still being shown and there are three showings today!  That seems like a lot to me, but I don't know what is normal. I'm very glad I'm not living there.  I wouldn't know what to do with myself.  I can't stay there while they show the house, so what would I do for the three hours today when they show the house?  With the dog? Now I'm in panic mode.  Where the frick are we going to live?  Our real estate agent knows I'm panicked. I told her I wanted to cast a wider net than Naperville (and she mentioned Geneva, thank you Suse), and said she was sure we could find something, but she was very optimistic about Naperville. It seems like the real estate market has dried up, it is so peculiar.  Is it because of the time of year?

I love Chicago!  We're not technically IN Chicago, we're in the suburbs, but the people seem nice enough. I don't detect accents, maybe because I'm originally a Midwestern.  Yes, it's cold here. And yes, it sucks to have to walk the dog. But our apartment is adorable and has a young professional vibe.  I saw a Bentley parked in the parking garage - who would do that?  Sure, there were other luxury cars, but a Bentley? I told Mark maybe that person was here for a corporate apartment as well because he couldn't figure it out.  Then again, people put different priorities on things they like.  Some people it's cars, others it's houses, etc.  I could see Mark doing that once before counseling.

There was NOTHING to look at on the drive between Dallas and Chicago, and I mean freaking NOTHING.  And even though I was so very sick and lost my voice completely, I knew Mark wouldn't want me to go to sleep. I have to say, it was the worst road trip I've ever taken, hands down, bar none. We didn't have any fights, no cross words, got along, nothing bad happened, it was just miserable.

The flu is brutal this year.  If you haven't gotten it, lock yourself in your house and don't leave until spring!


loonysuse said...

For someone so sick, you sound very upbeat. A good sign.

KansasSunflower said...

Suse - I had taken a 2 or 3 year old hydrocodone before I wrote that, ha! But yes, I'm pretty upbeat overall, thanks! : )

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