I Want To Get Better - at Everything!

I ran on Saturday and since I was dreading the treadmill so much, I decided to run outside and just hoped it wasn't too icy or snowy.  I knew there was no way I could add on 5 minutes to my run on the treadmill - it was too awful.

It was SO much easier running outside!  I think it just gets very boring on the treadmill and I just stare at the numbers, like how much time I have left, how far I've gone, how many calories I've burned, how fast I'm going (slow).  Sure, I have my music and there's a television in the gym with closed captioning, but it's miserable for me.

It was pretty cold, but I've run in that cold of weather in Texas before - about 22. I added on my extra 5 minutes, and now I only have 1.3 miles left to train before the 8k run!  I actually could have run longer than I did but I didn't want to end up very sore or with an injury. 

I normally take a day off between runs when I'm training, but Sunday we got up bright and early because we were going running with the running club in the city we're moving to this week. There are two runs in the morning and we went to the super early one, so I think more people go to the later one and there were only four other people there, all men, but that's okay.  They were all super nice and it made me feel good about where we're moving.  Anyways, the guy who leads the group asked how far I could run and I told him about four miles, and he already knew I was a slow runner because I told him in an email.  So the guys took off, including Mark, and he hung back with me because I had no idea where I was going and he wanted Mark to be able to run with the other guys, but Mark hung back with me too after he realized I was way behind, I guess.  Or maybe he didn't want me running the whole way with another guy, I don't know.

Anyways, so yes, I'm a slow runner, especially compared to men who have been running for years and years, but then we hit the trail, and it's all SNOW!  I've never run in snow before, and we hit the snow, and at first I didn't think it was that bad.  But soon I realized it was really tough running in snow.  It's like having weights attached to your ankles, or what I would imagine running in sand might be like. I can probably run for an hour, but I can't run in snow for an hour!  So I got slower and slower and they were running in front of me talking, and when I got too far behind, they would start walking until I caught up, and then start running again. After a couple of miles I had to stop and walk for a bit, it was too much.  And when I stop and walk, for some reason it's hard for me to get going again, but I made myself.  That's how I got heat exhaustion in Texas.  It was very, very hot outside, it seemed like an incredibly hard run and I felt awful, but I knew if I stopped I wouldn't be able to get started again so I kept on, like an idiot, and boy was I sick!  I had no idea that I was over heated (although yes, of course, I was very hot, but I always was running in the summer in Texas), I just thought I needed to push through the pain.

So we got back and I just felt like an idiot, like I can't even run the four miles that I said I could, but he was super nice and talked about future runs and everything, surprisingly no remedial running classes! But, I don't know.  No women.  Maybe there are some in the later run on Sunday or on Wednesday evenings.  On their facebook page there are pictures of women and women's comments.  I'm trying to make friends in my new city, but I just keep finding things for us to do to meet new people and Mark makes new friends which he already has plenty of here. 

I don't know, maybe I'm not good enough of a runner to be in a running club right now, but doesn't everyone need to start somewhere?

I've been REALLY practicing hard for school, I mean 1000%  harder than I ever have before.  I'm so tired of being a student, telling people I'm in school, and I want a career.  And of course a paycheck!  I don't know that I cared nearly as much before, but meeting new people all the time, I hate saying I'm in school and I want a career, I want to move on with my life already and I'm just tired of the antics at school. There are women in my class who do NOT get along, at all.  I mean, they have words with each other during class, and I'm stuck in the middle, not made to take a side but I just don't say anything, don't look at anyone, and it's very uncomfortable.  I walk out of the classroom and make sure to say goodbye to EVERYONE so no one thinks I'm on either side, it's just awful.

It all started when a teacher left the classroom and we were typing up our tests.  Two girls who have probably been going to school since they started sit right next to each other and seem like best friends, and they were talking about the test to each other for quite awhile.  I was ignoring it, I have no idea what exactly about the test they were talking about, I just know one girl was helping the other with something about it.   Whether it was how to spell a word, or even what words she was missing to pass, not a clue.  So another girl took it upon herself to call them out and say if someone else came into the room and caught them, they could get in a lot of trouble and it wouldn't be appreciated and not sure what else, I'm sure that they would be in a lot of trouble, and it was said in a very...stern way.  They immediately got quiet and I think one just got up and left.  So the next day the girl who got angry was trying to listen to audio on her computer and couldn't hear it, I personally think it was a user error, but the two girls were talking in class, and she complained to the teacher that they were talking and that's why she couldn't hear and it shouldn't be allowed. The girls got SO MAD.  They stopped talking, but like young girls will, they started writing on each other's notebooks in an angry way what I'm sure were evil comments about the lady that said that and looking at each other with knowing looks.  It's just very uncomfortable to me. I want out of that whole atmosphere.  Not that women always get along, they don't, but it's really childish behavior when all I want to do is get my money's worth of education with no drama.  So yes, not only do I want to get out of school and get a career, I want out of the whole school environment.  And the whole drive to the train then walk a mile to school in the freezing cold, snow, rain, whatever situation and....ugh.  It's just not pleasant.  I'm sure walking two miles altogether to and from the train station to school four days a week is good exercise, I just don't like it because of the weather. 

I only go to school two days this week because we're closing on our house and then moving in.  I have to make time to practice every day no matter what I'm doing each day.  I really, I mean really, want to get out of school!


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