The Diet Is Working!

I weighed myself for the first time, after the first week I started my diet and was floored.  I lost six pounds!  I have never, ever lost that much weight in a week!  I realize a lot of that is probably water weight and do not expect to lose that much again and know it would not be healthy to lose that much again, but wow, six pounds?  Wish I FELT the loss of six pounds!  So, I'm 143.5 now, 18 pounds to go! 

I must admit, this last week has not been the easiest.  Getting back into a regular running schedule has absolutely sucked.  I've hated the time I've been spending running every second I'm doing it.  That very well could be attributed to the fact that I'm running on a treadmill, that's the absolute worst. There's nothing to look at but the numbers and it makes the time go by so slooooowly. And it's been hard - really hard.  I've been pushing myself to run my old speed and I just can't do it yet for the whole length of time.  Starting today, per the plan I made myself to get to 8k for the Shamrock Shuffle in April, I am supposed to add 5 minutes to my run, and I don't know if I can do it running on a treadmill.  I may wait until we move into our house next week and I will run outside, snow or not.  I am joining a running club and they sent an email that they are meeting tomorrow to run in the forest preserves whether or not there is snow (well, depending on how much there IS on the trail, and if too much, then on the streets), so I guess that's just what people here do!

And the amount of food I'm eating...yes, it's way less.  It had to be, of course, and completely different. I'm eating maybe half of what I was, no white flour - the doctor told me white flour was horrible for you so everything I eat that has bread is always wheat.,  The first time Mark was confronted with wheat bread at dinner he threw a bit of a temper tantrum, but if he wants me to cook, he'll have to deal with it or I'll have to purchase two sets of everything bread-like, and that would be so wasteful. 

The biggest thing for me has been that I stopped getting up in the middle of the night every night and snacking.  That was my biggest downfall.  The first night I woke up and got out of bed, my body was used to eating something, and it was so hard to fight the urge to eat.  It's like my body was accustomed to having an appetite at a certain time in the middle of the night, and the first night was the hardest.  But it gradually got better, and you know what?  Now that I've stopped eating at night, I don't even wake up in the middle of the night any longer! That is such a breakthrough for me! I've been fighting that for years!  If only I had known that my chronic wake up in the middle of the night problem was because my body was used to eating then, I would have forced myself to stop long ago.  Of course, I'm sure that's the worst possible time to eat anyway.

I've been really down about school lately.  It just seems like I'm doing horribly, and I wondered if I was extra down on myself because of Phentermine, but I kicked it into high gear and have been practicing like a mad woman and feel so much better because of it since then.  I may not see results right away but at least I feel like I have more control over it now. There's a group in facebook where students that are going into my industry encourage each other because school is so hard - so much failure, so discouraging, and it really motivates me.  I try to read that as often as I can.

Today will be a diet challenge.  Mark and I are going on a brewery tour that involves sampling of beers at several breweries and pizza.  That's a heck of a challenge.  But...I can't hide my head in the sand until I lose all the weight I want to lose.


Kristy said...

Running in cold weather and snow is a delight. You will keep very warm and when you learn to dress for running in cold weather you really work up a sweat. I sweat more in the winter than in the summer. You need to layer, never wear cotton and make sure you have a wicking layer and something wind proof. Better yet google running in cold weather. Best of all your metabolism speeds up in cold weather and you burn much more calories. I think you will have fun with this.

KansasSunflower said...

Kristy - you were so right! I ran yesterday morning in the snow, but it's not so bad because they really keep it plowed and salted so it's not slippery. I had warm weather gear from Texas (it does get cold there in the early winter mornings, ha!), and LOVED it! Well, as much as I can love running. : ) I didn't know it sped up your metabolism to run out in the cold? I wonder why that is, but that is very interesting!!!

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