Train Situation

I was exhausted today, but not because of school. There was a mixup of what time I had to be at the train station, and I ended up being there an hour early, so I had to wait for my train. I don't know how long I'm on the train to get to Chicago but it's over an hour.  Then I walk over a mile to get to school.  I barely made it to class, was there an hour and a half, then it was time to go back home. I got to the train station and was thirty minutes early.  Rode the train back home, then the drive back home.  So how long was I gone for a 90 minute class?  SEVEN HOURS. Mark just doesn't get it yet.  He hasn't done the commute in the morning from home to work in downtown Chicago and gets very mad when I tell him he doesn't understand because he's gone to a friend's house after work in the suburbs and then gone home afterward.  I'm sorry, but that does *not count*.  When he's spending at least an hour and a half each way to work he'll finally get it. has it's advantages, too.  I'm not spending any time in rush hour traffic, I have none of that stress and no worries about being late to school as long as I make the train, and I can do a lot of things while I ride the train.  Today was the first time on my way home that I actually fell asleep though.  Maybe I only went to class for 90 minutes, but spending an entire day commuting is exhausting!

I bought a coupon for a weight loss center.  It's supposed to be some program that includes a consultation, dietary plan, 5 B12 shots, and a month's worth of prescription appetite suppressants.  I think on their website I also read you need labwork, so maybe that is out of pocket.  I'm not sure if I'm in the "overweight" BMI yet if you calculate it numerically (height/weight), but if they measure me with a pincher thing, I have such a small frame that I know I will be. I just assume if they put out a coupon - they must want business.  But how awesome would that be?  A place that would help me lose weight, keep me accountable, and once I reached my goal weight if I gained ten or so pounds I would have a place to go that would get me back to where I needed?  YES YES exercise, but exercise doesn't always do it for me.  You can eat more calories than you exercise and it doesn't seem like I eat that much, but I've put on weight.  We don't have a scale, I didn't bring it from Texas and now it's packed in storage somewhere in Chicago wherever the movers moved it, but I feel like I've gained weight since we got here, too.  I almost didn't go to Mark's friend's party last Friday because I had a MAJOR clothes crisis.  Everything I put on made me look about 7 months pregnant.  For real - I seriously looked pregnant, like someone would ask me when I was due.  That's where I always gain weight first, but when I think about it, is there a good place to gain weight?  My boobs maybe, but then my tops wouldn't fit.

Oh my gosh I've got to finish school!  I don't practice nearly enough!  I'm like the slow child that just doesn't get it.  I don't know if I'm supposed to throw in the towel or what?

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