Thursday I did as the doctor ordered - mental and physical rest - and it was so incredibly boring!  I took Motrin as he had suggested opposed to Advil, and found that it worked for my awful headaches so I felt fine.  I think I've taken a total of two hydrocodone, I actually didn't need it. 

I was by myself all day but emotional and I'm not quite sure why.  I would have short bouts of crying fits and then it would be over.  The day before I did really stupid things like searched the house for my keys for about an hour until I found them still in the front door.

So after feeling fine all day, Mark called toward the end of the day, very stressed about work. As he was talking, I started getting stressed out too, and as I did, my headache started coming back.  I finally had to apologize and just tell him I was sorry, but he was giving me a headache.  I realized how rude that sounded but hoped he understood, which he did.  I was shocked that the doctor was right - I really did need mental rest!  Just absolutely doing nothing with my brain was the only way to heal it. 

Since then I've been fine.  I've done little things like gone to the salon to get my hair colored/cut, bought a new dress and went to dinner with Mark and his friends.  All very low-key non-stressful events.  I suppose it doesn't fall under "sit around the house and watch television" category, but I'm definitely not doing math problems or learning new information like the doctor said.  Today I did low key things too, organized the kitchen a bit from moving and went to the store for just a few items.  I think Mark was pretty bored, but I'm trying, I really am.  

Oh!  I did one more thing today!  I went for my first follow-up visit to the weight loss clinic and I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks!  I actually think their scale is a bit inaccurate, but that's okay.  At home wearing just a t-shirt, I weigh 138.  At the doctor's office with a sweatshirt and jeans I weighed 140.2, then at the clinic wearing boots I weighed 144?  No way do my boots way 4 pounds, but if they want to think I weigh more than I do that means I can go there longer.  The nurse asked how I was doing on exercise.  I wasn't going to tell her I had gotten a concussion and couldn't exercise, I just told her I hadn't been running because of the snow but would run in streets soon and she was okay with that.

I am so far behind in school, it overwhelms me.  I don't know how I am going to make it through this quarter.  I am absolutely the worst student in my class which is so strange because I've already passed this speed at my other school.  I know I'm supposed to have at least one more day of mental and physical rest, but I really need to start practicing again and I think I'm going to start tomorrow.

We have hired a decorator to help us furnish our new house and get rid of our old ugly furniture, but she is turning out to be really freaking slow and not computer literate. I'd like to go with somebody else, but I don't exactly know how to do that.  I only met with her last weekend but she seems to want to focus on window treatments which is the least of what I am concerned with.  Who cares what window treatments I have when my furniture is crap?  She's coming tomorrow, we'll see what she has.  If the main focus is window treatments and not furniture, then I'll have to move on.  I will tell her first, of course, that our main focus is furniture, but she just seems so pushy and wants to talk about that more.  I really hate firing somebody, I mean I really hate it, and Mark makes me do it when he considers someone to be *my* employee.  And I had to light a fire under her this week.  We talked to her on Saturday and on Tuesday and we hadn't set up another date to meet, had no clue what the next step even was and I was ready to buy furniture yesterday, so I had to ask her what she needed from us to get things going.  I'm assuming she *then* ordered samples of cloth  that haven't come in to meet with us today I also am assuming for the window treatments, so we rescheduled for tomorrow.  Again, window treatments is not my first priority!  I don't know how I can keep conveying this!  I'll say it again tomorrow.  We'll see what she has come up with.


jenji said...

Hi, forgive me in that I haven't read into all of your archives, but based on some of the lingo in previous posts I must ask if you are training to become a court stenographer?

If so, best of luck. I became certified in 1991, but I no longer work in that field. Though I can relate to the daily grind of practice, practice, practice and cutthroat competition.

Great blog btw.


KansasSunflower said...

Hi Jenji, yes, I am! I realize people who read my blog have no idea what I'm talking about when I talk about speeds, etc., but saying in every post what I'm talking about is so mundane and I write my blog just for myself. : ) Yes, practice, practice, practice, and yet...there's always a feeling, no matter what, that you still haven't practiced ENOUGH! And that somehow, you'll never make it!!!

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