Horrible Day, But All Days Can't Be Roses

I hit my head really, really hard sitting down on the train on Monday.  I don't remember ever hitting my head that hard, it almost knocked me down.  It made a loud sound, at least to me, and I looked behind me to see if people were looking at me, but no one seemed to notice or perhaps they were being polite to save me the embarrassment.  Anyway, that night I started getting a headache, and it has been slowly progressing into being more and more painful until last night it was almost a migraine.  Almost - but not quite, but it was bad enough that I knew from when I used to get migraines to get away from light and sound and it might feel better.  I felt sick to my stomach yesterday and last night was really bad.  I finally made myself eat dinner around 8:30 because that's when I take all of my medications and went back to bed.  This morning I still have that headache, but so far, it's not as bad as last night, but it's not good.  And the knot on my head hurts, too.  It's just very sensitive and feels like...just hard to explain.  Like it is always letting me know it's there.  I've never quite encountered this before, this is totally a new one for me.  I could go to the doctor and see if I have a concussion, but what is he going to do for me?  Give me some kind of x-ray, and then what?  Whether he finds something or not, and probably not, just tell me to rest?  Advil does nothing, and I'm not dying.  I have some old hydrocodone which I only use in very desperate times and I took one yesterday.  It did nothing either.  This headache is extremely persistent.

It snowed yesterday like I've never seen it snow before, well, at least not that I've been out in snow before.  In Kansas when I was a child, I was in blizzards, but not walking around in them.  I've always been inside or once in a car. Yesterday at 9:15 I called my school to see if it was open and told them my class was in the afternoon, and they said yes, they were open.  So...I made the treacherous drive to school, rode the train to the city, walked the mile in this blinding snow that was blowing and stinging right into my eyes so hard that I couldn't even look up and straightforward for a whole mile to get there and the second I walked in the receptionist said "We're closing the school at 12:45."  My class starts at 2:00.  I was really mad.  So then I had to hurry and walk that same mile back in the snow to get to the train station by 12:30 or I'd have to wait a whole hour for the next train.  Why do I take the train and not drive?  Because the cost to park in Chicago is *outrageous*. Maybe if you get there before 6:00am or 7:00am you can get early bird specials of $14 dollar a day, but for me it would be at least 30 or 40 dollars a day - at least.  But even then, $14 a day? Plus your gas to get there?  Plus the hassle of Chicago traffic when you could just sit on a train and relax without worrying about it? And normally I don't hate *too terribly* the walk, it just really, really sucks in bad weather.  I do like getting the extra exercise.

So I was gone for maybe four hours, tried to pull in my driveway, and got stuck on the edge of my driveway!  Somehow in that short amount of time, it had snowed so much that I couldn't even begin to get my car in the driveway.  I called Mark in a panic because it's illegal to park your car on the side of the road they told us when we went to the "Village Hall", but that's only from 1:00a to 6:00a, but still, and I'm assuming that's because of snow plows.  And the neighbors were already outside snowblowing their driveways, already!  It was maybe 3:00 and still snowing!  I kept hearing the sound of snowblowers starting up around the neighborhood, I had no idea they were so loud.  Not sure if they are as loud as a lawn mower or if they are even louder.  So he came home, snowblowed our driveway and parked my car in the garage.  Yesterday was NOT a good day.

So today I still have this headache, there is fresh snow outside in the driveway and Mark is sure they are going to plow the road in front of the street leaving a big pile in front of the driveway, which will keep me from backing out of the garage.  Sure, I have a shovel, but I'm thinking...maybe this would be a good day to stay home.  I'm not doing very well in school, but I think I'd be pretty worthless today.


Kristy said...

I think you might want to have your knot on your head checked if it doesn't get better. Not to worry you but people have died from a blood clot knocking their nogging.

KansasSunflower said...

Thanks, Kristy. I just made an appointment for this afternoon. I feel awful.

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