Moved In!

We're all moved in to our new house, but not unpacked and it's a mess.  The house is so beautiful, I love it!  But it really shows how awful our furniture is.  The decorator came over yesterday and we went through the house and talked about what we wanted done and what she thought needed to be done which was actually less than what we thought we needed, went through colors, styles, just a lot of things. We probably gave her too many things we wanted to do all at once.  I think we meet with her again in about a week, not sure.  She is so super nice, I love her.

The town, or "village" as they demand to called here is really friendly. Except our only next door neighbor.  We haven't actually seen them yet so we have no idea what they look like, how old they are, what their ethnicity is, etc. All we know is that someone asked the movers, not us, if we have kids, and they knew we didn't so I'm sure they told them no. Then our realtor sent us flowers to congratulate us on our home and we had just left so the florist called to tell me he had tried to leave them with our neighbor, but they wouldn't accept them because they didn't know us.  Mark said well wouldn't that have been a good chance to get to know us?  So then we were backing out of our driveway and a car was coming from the other direction and as we pulled into the road, they turned into their driveway, so they obviously knew we were their neighbors before we knew they were our neighbors, and Mark said they didn't wave or anything.  I didn't see it but I asked how old they were and he said very young, maybe even a teenager, so maybe the florist and everything happened with a teenager and not the actual homeowners.  It's hard not to jump to conclusions though.  I just don't want to live next door to jerks.  I looked online to see who lives next door and got the homeowners name but it's strange.  I can't find any information about him online.  Maybe he goes by a middle name or something.  The whole Chicago area's real estate market has really depreciated so I thought maybe they were upset that someone got a home for so much less than what they paid, but no, they bought their house just a couple of years ago for even less than us, but it's a smaller home. I can't figure it out but we've only been here three days.

I haven't practiced for school in so long and I was doing so much better!  I'm mad at myself, but there's so much work to be done in moving that I don't have time, although I should simply make it priority, I know. I'm really going to regret it on Monday.  I haven't even been to school since last Monday.

I lost two more pounds last week, so I think my total weight loss is 8.5 pounds now!  I'm at 141, and I think if I can just get down to 139 by next Friday when we're going out with Mark's friends to celebrate their bonus day I can fit into a little black dress that I have that I love.  I haven't tried it on since I gained ten pounds so who knows, maybe it fits now, but it would fit better if I were out of the 140's, or at least in my mind I would think it would.  I haven't run this week because of the move and then the snow.  We have miles of running trails in our new neighborhood, but Mark ran this morning and said that not all of it has been snow plowed - most of it, but not all of it, and after my last running experience in snow, I did not want to go through that again.  And running on the treadmill is torture.  I suppose I should have gotten out there and at least run in the streets.  I'll do that tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the day the running club meets to run together, but I just don't feel ready to run with them again.  They made a big deal this week how all runners at all levels should come out and run, but when you're the slowest and you don't know your way around the forest preserve, it isn't easy and...the snow won't be gone.  I'm trying to get Mark to go to represent us at least, but I don't know that he will.  They were SO NICE that I would feel bad not going again and having them think we didn't like them or they did something wrong for us not to come back. I do plan on going back eventually, I just need to build up my stamina and speed again, although I've always been a slow runner.  I did tell that to one guy, and he said the way he built up his speed is to run with faster runners and keep up with them as long as he could, so that would be good for me to run with them, I just couldn't run that distance yet, although yes, the email did say all distances were welcome to come out.  I kind of felt that email was directed towards me, but then again, sometimes I think everything is all about me when of course it isn't!

It's very hard unpacking boxes that have been in storage for two months when you're allergic to dust mites. The first day I tried it I had a huge allergy attack and it finally struck me what was wrong with me and I took a couple of Mark's allergy pills but they didn't help.  I went to the store and bought Allegra which my doctor had told me to take and after a bit started feeling a bit better, but the thought of unpacking again or getting around dust was unbearable so that was a wasted evening.  But ever since that evening I've been faithful with my Allegra and the dust hasn't bothered me at all.  I'm guessing a lot of people are allergic to dust mites.

Still so much to do, I just wish our house was already decorated and I was done with school!


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