Rescheduled Appt, and a New Neighbor Arrived!

I was sitting on the couch this morning, thinking about how I felt physically, and decided I should not try and drive to the psychiatrist tomorrow, even though I've waited two months for this first appointment.  I thought surely if I told them my circumstances, they would be understanding and try to help me out by finding an appointment sooner than two months? 

So...I called, told the girl what type of surgery I had and that I had waited two months for this appointment and did not want to wait another two months if I had to reschedule, but that I wasn't supposed to, and shouldn't, drive.  I was beyond nice, but everyone says I am always too nice so...I don't know.  Do you know what she told me?  She said the doctor my appointment was with was no longer accepting new patients and if I didn't make my appointment tomorrow, she could reschedule me with another doctor, but it wouldn't be until June.  So *I* said, "I guess I'll have to drive to my appointment tomorrow then."  SHE said "Okay, see you tomorrow".  CLICK.  I was just beside myself.  I had just told her my doctor said not to drive, yet I told her I was going to drive to the appointment tomorrow, and she said okay and hung up. 

I was mad, yet didn't feel I had any options.  I called Mark, but he's typically busy and sent him a text - much easier to reach him that way.  His reply was "Are you really going to go there?", and I started thinking about it.  Long term, is this the kind of place I want to care for my psychiatric needs, a place that doesn't care if I drive or not to the appointment if another doctor has told me not to, with absolutely NO compassion whatsoever?  I mean wow, at least say "I'm sorry" or anything at all to show you have a heart!  OR, perhaps the kind of people that are thinking I am a psychiatric patient and may not believe a word that I am saying anyway?  Yes, I know it is just a receptionist or front office person, but...that person reflects on a business.

So I found another doctor - actually, one that I think I will like much, much better and is quite a bit more qualified and while I still can't get in until June, it's June the 4th which is just a little over a month away and the receptionist made it sound like that was so booked up and felt bad about it. 

I called the other office back, and while yes, I was mad, I just didn't want to go there.  She answered, I said my name, my appointment was tomorrow, and that I was cancelling.  I was taking the phone away from my ear and heard her voice talking and just hit the "END" button.  Sure enough, maybe 60 seconds later, the phone rang.  I considered not answering it, but I was curious what she had to say.  She said I had hung up before she had a chance to get my information and asked my date of birth.  I gave it to her and then she asked , "Do you want to cancel or reschedule?"

RE-FREAKING-SCHEDULE?  What the hell?  She just told me if I didn't go to the appointment tomorrow, this doctor was no longer taking new patients and I could *not* reschedule.  But what would be the point in arguing with her?  The world would not be a better place if I told her off, repeated what she said, tried to understand what she had meant or what she meant this time.  I just said "CANCEL" and hung the phone up again.

Something about the whole psychiatric experience is a very touchy subject with me.
We've lived in this neighborhood since the beginning of February, and I'm VERY pleased to say that I just answered the door and greeted a new neighbor that came to meet us! (Bailey and I!) She was extremely nice, brought cupcakes and some information about the neighborhood, kind of like a "welcome to the neighborhood" type of thing, and told me about a welcome breakfast in June for new neighbors in the last six months.  We didn't talk for long, maybe five or ten minutes?  She was looking inside the house and commented that we must have the same builder with similar plans because she also has marble diamonds in her hard wood floors and then she was pointing to the front of the inside of the house saying her fireplace was like that and asked about the den and I just did not want to give her a tour!  (And that I had showered - I didn't yesterday - but I wouldn't have opened the door yesterday!)  Thank God the maids came today at least so it looks like we are very tidy people!  (And one of us is, it's just not me or the dog, although I am immensely better, but Bailey?  No, he's still a mess.)

And...more of our furniture is being delivered on Saturday.  And...I ordered groceries online that will be delivered tomorrow, I made dinner last night - beef stew in a crock pot that took just 15 minutes to make, but really need those groceries so Mark will have to bring home dinner (and my breakfast) tonight.  I told him to get whatever - if he brings a cheeseburger, then I will eat a cheeseburger.  I will just appreciate that he brings me something to eat.

I stopped reading that website where women go for hysterectomies - for support before and after.  First of all, I would post how I was feeling, then read other's posts and felt bad about what I posted.  I'm not saying I am doing so much better, but usually when people take the time to write who don't normally write a blog or anything, they are really needing to get something out so it sounded pretty awful, and then I would feel guilty.  No, I'm not laying in bed with people bringing meals to me - I am out of bed, watching television, walking around, but also taking it easy and not doing much, not lifting anything really but the 6 pound dog to let him out and bring him in.  But I don't have people here to make meals and bring them to me, either!  I am here alone, all day, until Mark gets home.  Yesterday he got home at 7:30 and was in bed before 9.  During that time he changed his clothes, ate dinner, washed dishes, I don't know that we talked a lot - I mean we did, but he was very tired and it was late and I didn't feel great.  He didn't have a chance to do anything for me, but I can't think of anything I needed to have done like other women are saying they need.  He just got the necessities done and went to bed.  If I am doing better than other women, maybe I started out healthier?  Maybe I had a better doctor.  Maybe I am taking it easier.  Or...maybe more women post when they are miserable rather than when they feel good, which is more than likely, but I don't want to hear about what I might eventually feel like!  That's scary!  And...I kind of got mad.  One lady, another one who was in bed with meals being brought to her with two or three people staying with her to take care of her house and her kids was mad at the people who were putting her kids to bed.  They weren't "doing it right".  She never told them how to do it, but she was mad because when they left and she was better, it would take her weeks to get them back into regular sleeping habits again.  WHAT?  I don't know her, I don't know the relationships she has with the people helping her, I know none of the background that could shed some light, but if someone has taken time out of their lives to help you, I say...don't criticize the way they do it, especially if you aren't paying them.  Be gracious, be kind.  I'm going to go for option...she had her ovaries removed and is very emotional?

That's it. : )        

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