Sometimes I LOVE Protesters!!

Awhile back, not too long after we moved to the Chicago area, Mark and I were at a strip mall and I had been wanting to buy some new dog treats for my dog.  There was pet store next door to the store we had just been in but we had bought a lot of things, so Mark stayed in the car while I ran in to grab some.  The name of the store was Petland, so I assumed it was just another store like PetSmart or Petco.  I just KNOW I've blogged about this already, but there's more to the story now. 

So I walk in, and to my horror I realize they sell DOGS!  Of course I know what this means - they are responsible for supporting puppy mills!  I was so outraged that I was in a daze.  I sort of remember someone asking me if I need help, but I tried not to look at many, many people looking at the puppies and knocking on the glass, looked up and down the aisle for pet treats, didn't see any, and knew I would not be buying anything from there anyway.  I wanted to lecture someone so badly, but who?  A teenager working there for minimum wage?  What good would that do?  I walked out of the store, got into the car, and immediately Mark asked what wrong and right away knew how upset I must be.  But he's a person who believes in adopting rescue dogs as well. 

Yesterday we were on our way somewhere, and I saw a group of people protesting, holding out signs, and I told Mark to drive by slowly so I could get some good snapshots, even though I had NO IDEA what they were protesting.  I love drama though and was hoping for something interesting, but didn't realize WHERE they were that made the protest so important.  They were in front of the strip mall of Petland!

I wanted to join them, but Mark of course didn't think it was a good idea.  I just now noticed that sign that says "They pay $30 per pup then charge you $1500".  Maybe that is why there are Petland credit cards?  Shameful.
We spent some time with Mark's friend and girlfriend today and I brought this up, beginning with my experience with walking into Petland.  As soon as I said I didn't know what Petland was, his friend said they sell dogs, that's where I bought mine, which, by the way, he absolutely adores his dog.  So I asked him if he realized they help keep puppy mills in business and he just made a stupid joke on the word "puppy mill".  But he does have a sweet dog - very sweet and loving.  I found out from his girlfriend who was with him when they got the dog, which she said when they got him she didn't realize they were supporting puppy mills until later, that they told them they came from breeders and blah blah blah.  I realize I really inserted my foot into my mouth, not knowing that is where he got his beloved dog, and was shocked that either he didn't know about the horrible conditions of many puppy mills or didn't care.  I like Mark's friend, I just don't get not having compassion for animals, although again, he has all the love and compassion in the world for his dog.
Animals have always been a very sensitive subject for me.  It's hard for me to go to pet SUPPLY stores on adoption day.  I see the dogs in the kennels that need good homes and many times I leave the store in tears.  Mark, many times, has simply refused to stop when he sees it's adoption day because of my reaction to it.  I want to adopt ALL of them, they ALL deserve good homes, I want to take care of ALL of them, but of course, I can't, and he tells me we've already rescued one and given him a good home.  And he is SUCH a good, good dog, the best.  I have never in my life had a more loving dog or a better dog.  I love my dog!
Yes, I found Bailey sitting on the sofa table one day - he thinks he's a cat!  And sometimes he hops onto the ottoman, but he always thinks ahead and has a treat in his mouth to snack on once he gets there!  To think his life was spared by merely a day is such a tragedy - and miracle to me!  I sometimes see signs or bumper stickers that are paws that say "Who rescued who?"  Indeed!  He's absolutely my best friend - has to be everywhere I am, in my lap, in the same room, if I close the door and he's not in the room with me, when I open it I find he's still outside of the room just waiting on me the whole time to come out or open the door to let him in.  He is truly the most loving dog I have ever known!  I keep telling myself that Bailey will outlive everyone, because I can't bear the thought of losing him one day.
Oh!  Moral of the story!  Do NOT support puppy mills!  Yes, I could post pictures from puppy mills, but that would require me to have to view those pictures to post, and I simply can not do that, it is too emotional and heartbreaking for me.  It's all about profit, and if you've even just watched the Dog Whisperer go to an "acceptable" puppy mill (no, of course Cesar would never advocate a puppy mill), you would see that it still horrible conditions for dogs.  I've heard people say they don't want to adopt a rescue because it may come with baggage.  Uh...I think a dog from a puppy mill would have quite a bit of baggage!
We went to the horse track today - very fun, and I liked my husband's girlfriend a lot.  So much fun choosing horses to bet on with her, having girl talk, just being myself for a change.  We went to dinner, but I got very tired.  It could just be a lot of activity that I'm not used to since my surgery. 
Somehow during dinner the discussion turned to serving on a jury.  My husband's friend had served on a jury, went through a week's testimony on a civil case, and when they started to deliberate, the lawyers settled and he felt like he had wasted a whole week because the jury didn't get to make a decision.  I said no, the jurors did NOT waste a whole week - that whole time during testimony each of the jurors were being analyzed - their reactions to everything, and predictions were being made about which way they would go - for the plaintiff or the defendant.  No, they didn't get to make the ultimate decision, but they were a very important part of the process.  Everyone at the table used some kind of word to describe me that I can't remember, but it was like a Polly-Anna type of thing, thinking positive about everything, etc.  Um, no?  At school we talk about trials and juries every single day?  I wasn't just trying to be positive and make him feel better about spending a week and feeling like he had wasted his time - if he had, what would I care?  He would just hate the process, and I have no reason to stick up for it.  I was being brutally honest, that is exactly what happens, what did happen, and he actually said after they settled both attorneys asked each juror which way they would have voted (I think individually).  Why would they do that unless they were trying to learn if their predictions were right for future cases, what reasoning each juror had for the opinion they had formed for why they had decided one way or the other?  And there was no argument, just thanks after he said what he had to say, and then the lawyer departed.  I don't understand why they couldn't see that, it seems so crystal clear to me, but maybe what seems obvious to me is simply because we talk about juries so much at school and I don't even realize it seems so common sense to me. social life is starting to pick up I guess.  Party next weekend where they will be there as well which is good because I like them.  It's just that I'm the only non-professional.  All three are executives - well, his friend isn't exactly an "executive", in a high leadership position, but a well paid professional.  I'm a student not even in school right now, but at least I've been in management so I can make my points and agree or disagree.  All of these power couples Mark knows where both are so successful, it's hard to keep up.  Where in the world are women like myself?  Yes, I was once pretty successful myself, I will be again one day, I just hate being in limbo. 

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