I'm Not 20 Anymore!

We went to this REALLY gorgeous place last Friday night to see a concert.    It was Mark and I with two other couples and we sat on the lawn, drinking wine, beer, there was cheese, not sure what else.  I hadn't had dinner and didn't bring food, just 3 bottles of wine and beer for everyone, but they had all thought to bring their own alcohol as well which is very important in this story.

I was having a LOT of fun, and I believe they were too.  I have done things with these people before, they are not strangers, and as I was drinking wine, my inhibitions started going down.  Mark said I didn't say anything embarrassing or anything regretful, but you never know.  I was really just have an awesome time.  The weather was absolutely perfect, this place is so beautiful for a concert - people sit on the lawn and bring picnics, short tables with tablecloths, I guess even candelabras for the symphonies.  For me, I was just shocked you were even allowed to bring in glass bottles! : )

It's either people that Mark hangs out with, or people in Chicago in general, but they drink - and drink A LOT.  Mark warned me before me moved here not to even try to keep up with them, that even he couldn't do it.  But a few of us were walking around and one of them saw a certain kind of shot that they wanted us to try, so I said sure!  We went back, and someone else wanted to try it too, so I went with them as well and had another one.  On top of that, I drank a bottle of wine and half of another.  That is WAAAAY more than my usual one to two glasses of wine on the weekend during dinner and not an empty stomach. 

Eventually it caught up with me.  I started heading towards the bathroom.  The first time Mark and one of the girls came with me, but I just sat leaned over a public toilet and nothing happened, so I went back.  The second time, I tried to sneak away but the girl happened to see me and came with me and that time - success.  Or failure?  Whichever it was, what needed to come up came up.  We came out of the bathroom and Mark was waiting for us.  I put my arms around both of them and realized I couldn't even get close to walking a straight line. 

Mark grabbed our things, he said the concert was over anyway, and I do not remember leaving, just being in the car in the parking lot, opening the door with people watching, and getting sick again.  The ride home was horrible.  I got home, peeled my clothes off that I found scattered across the bedroom floor the next day and went to bed, but got up several times that night to get sick.

Mark had to go to work the next morning, and I was STILL sick, STILL throwing up.  I remember him coming to the bed, and said two things to me:  Do not forget to take your medications, you did not take them before you went to bed.  The second was if you need to drive, the keys are (I can't remember where he said).  I had met him in my car where he works so my car is STILL there.  He took his convertible to work so I would have something to drive.

He actually came home early that day - maybe around noon because I was so sick.  I hadn't called him or anything, I was completely miserable.  But he didn't need to come home - a hangover is a hangover.  However, I realize now I'm not in my 20's anymore.  I don't bounce back like I used to.  I didn't roll out of bed until 5 p.m.!!!  In the past, I would have been okay around noon, and who knows, I may have gone out that same night! 

Of COURSE I'm embarrassed beyond belief to get so drunk around Mark's friends, but he's totally okay with it, and reminded me of how many times I've seen his friends get absolutely plastered.  It's true, I have, and they do.  And the girl was so incredibly nice to take care of me - she didn't have to do that.  Or Mark - to wait for me by the bathroom door when I didn't even tell him I was leaving or what I was doing and why. 

I have sworn off alcohol SO many times.  I've spent nights in the bathroom promising God, myself, anyone and everything if I would just feel better I would never drink again.  So what happens?  Why do I forget those times? 

I had such a good time but...was it worth the pain?  I don't know.  I have such few good times with friends doing things, it's hard to say now that I feel so much better. 

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