I'm so tired...

Once again, I'm left with a big question mark about what is wrong with me.  I am so very tired, I can go to bed and sleep for hours during the day - to the point where I wake up during a dream, and that is so NOT LIKE ME.  Even after my surgery, I would get tired and would WANT to go to sleep, but could not.  I would think it would be good for me, go to bed and just lay there, not able to sleep.

But since I ran out of Lamictal for 3-4 days, however long it was and started back again, then went out and drank too much that I was vomiting and had a hangover until 5pm the next day, then slept the whole NEXT day, I don't know what is wrong with me!

How is a person supposed to know these things?  Am I depressed and am just wanting to sleep my life away?  Yet I am PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTED.  I don't just feel like I want to hide away, there are things I want to do, I'm just too tired.  I have no energy to walk up and down the stairs, to take a shower, to get dressed, even to make lunch - I'll just eat crackers out of a box.  I'm mean that's really freaking lazy!

I need to enroll for school, I do want to go to school yet I am very anxious about being behind, but at the same time...I am SO TIRED!  Will I be able to make it to school every day?  I mean, right now, I can't even return a simple phone call!  That overwhelms me, and it's just details about the doors we ordered so they can start building them.  Yes, I know, why do doors have to be so complicated that this is the third time I've had to go over details now, why do doors have to be built and take 4-6 weeks to be delivered and installed but...you get what you pay for I suppose, which is exactly WHY they are calling me, even calling my husband to tell them I won't call them back, emailing me, annoying the FRICK out of me, and I have no idea why I can't just call them and tell them what they need.  Maybe it's because I don't have the energy to have the conversation, to make decisions that I don't know.

OMG my phone just had a warning?  Did I install something weird?  Tornado warning, seek shelter immediately?  Will report back soon...

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