Not 25 mg - 200!!! Oh no!

I'm an idiot.  I wrote down the wrong dosage of Lamictal and gave it to my new psychiatrist, but hopefully she has my chart from my old psychiatrist by now.  I am taking 200mg of Lamictal, not 25.  So he was always wanting me to take *400* daily, and it was the second 200 I could never remember to take.  When I felt a bit manic, I would take an extra 200 in the mornings until I felt better. 

So now, I have a new prescription coming in the mail eventually for doubling of my Lamictal - to from 25 to 50mg.  UGH!  It should be to 400!

That extra little 0 makes a big difference!  I guess my body isn't as sensitive as I thought it was!


Tam of Two said...

haha oh that makes more sense! XD

KansasSunflower said...

I know, right? How am I such an idiot? Now I'm going back and forth with the office staff when I could clear it up in just a few minutes with the doctor. There is a message for me on my phone from them (I think), and I just don't want to hear that they still have it all confused...

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