Dog Drama

I dropped my laptop onto the wood floor and am pretty sure I ruined the hard drive. I'm writing this from the Blogger app which doesn't let me see if I have any comments so if I do, I apologize!

I think the Pristiq is already working even though this is only the second day. No, I'm not all better, but I'm much happier and more positive, even more social. I must be more pleasant to other people because I've noticed their reactions towards me are different, more pleasant. It's so true, the way you are to others can often times be reflected back to you from them.

We have neighbors that live behind us whose dog just loves our dog, but our dog doesn't like theirs, he always tries to stay away from him. They often let him outside with no way to keep him restrained to their yard, and since neither of us have fences, if our dog is out, he just runs right over. They try to stop him, but he is very stubborn and doesn't listen to them. One time he stood on our deck beside me while I was holding my dog and growled at them when the husband was trying to call him down.

So I let Bailey out the other day and have been letting him out through the glass door in the sunroom so I can watch now.
I saw him pressed up against the glass door and by the time I walked over to let him in, the bulldog and his owner were right behind Bailey on my deck at the glass door. Bailey started growling at the bulldog when I opened the door because he's territorial and I was scared it was going to be a dog fight, but an unfair one between a 6 pound dog and a bulldog. I picked Bailey up and the owner said my name and was apologizing, so I opened the door wider to talk to him, and the bulldog walked right into my house! Not only that, but the guy was calling him, and like always, the dog ignored him. I told him he could come in and get his dog, how else was I going to get him out of my house without him coming in and physically removing him? But he didn't. It was like the time the bulldog was standing next to me on the deck, he didn't reach out and grab his collar or anything where if it were me, I would just pick Bailey up. Are they scared of him?

So I was trying to call the dog, without knowing his name, but I couldn't get close to him because I was holding Bailey who was upset and now I feel like he feels bullied, but I'm not quite sure how. He used to love being outside in Texas, now if I'm not out there with him he doesn't want to be outside and the first thing he does when he steps outside is look towards their house.

I want a backyard fence, this is ridiculous, but it can wait until next year. Soon enough it will be a cold tundra for half a year again, he will quickly do his business and run back in, but this has to stop. What is so hard about keeping your dog in your yard? Not once have I had to go over there and get my dog, not once has Bailey been in the backyard unrestrained. 

It's like fireworks and everything else here. Yes, there are leash laws and fireworks are illegal, but I guess because I live in this weird growing area where you drive by luxury subdivisions then corn fields, maybe people think laws don't apply. Oh, unless a builder comes into the neighborhood they don't think is reputable enough or anything about the appearance. But legality? Out the window.

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