Midwest Suburbs, Different Definition of "Crime"

Yes, Chicago is full of violent crime.  I stopped watching the local news not long after I moved here - scared THE HELL out of me. 

The suburbs, and my suburb, because that is what I pay the most attention to?  Very laughable to me.  Even my neighbors crack me up.  The police are called when they believe what they call a "painter's van" (but from their description, I call it a "rapist's van") is driving down a street slowly.  The big "crackdown" over the Labor Day weekend was "Click It and Ticket".  Luckily, the police made sure that 81 violent offenders who were driving without a seatbelt were cited.  I feel much safer now, but yet surprised?  There were 81 people not wearing seatbelts?

The online "newspaper" reports all police activity, including names, ages, and where they live.  In other words, don't trespass and get caught or your name will be in the news. : )

Here is an ACTUAL story that was reported in the "crime report" news section recently (with city name protected):

Woman Finds Stranger in Her Car

A female victim from (my suburb) told police that she exited a Walgreens to find that there was a man sitting in her vehicle. When she confronted the subject, he apologized, stating he thought he was in his car, then left the area on foot. The subject was later identified and contacted, and he indeed have a similar make and color vehicle.

Oh my!  That IS quite the crime worthy of notifying the public of the dangers of our city!

Needless to say, I feel pretty safe walking my dog at night. : ) If I were in the south side of Chicago?  I would probably feel safer sleeping in a Metra station like I've seen homeless people do (not in South Chicago - I actually have never been there and would have a panic attack if I discovered I'd made a wrong turn and that's where I was).


lynn said...

How are you doing? How did your thyroid test come out?

KansasSunflower said...

Thanks for asking, Lynn! : ) Everything came back normal - apparently I'm the picture of perfect health! But like you suggested, I'm going to get a copy of my blood test and check out my thyroid level to be sure!

lynn said...

Yes, check the numbers, if you have any questions I might be able to help, or direct you to some good sites.

KansasSunflower said...

Thank you so much, Lynn! : ) I will request my blood test and see what I can find out online about what you said earlier in case it DOES fall into that range and I guess go from there! Your offer to help is so much appreciated!!!

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