Thanksgiving Coming Up....

A few days ago I noticed this really dark red blood on the tip of my little white dog's penis.  I panicked - he had blood in his urine?  I looked it up online and became more distraught - every cause was something terribly horrible. It was a Sunday and I was prepared to rush him to the vet as soon as he could get in on Monday.

But I went outside with him and watched him urinate.  Totally normal - no blood at all, and if he was bleeding that super dark red blood, I couldn't have missed it even if I wanted to.  And other than the dark red blood on the tip of his little penis, he's totally fine - no accidents in the house, very playful and happy.

So I kept watching him.  I didn't remove the blood, and found that every time he went to urinate the blood on his penis was going away, as if his urine was washing off the blood.

Because of that, I didn't rush him to the vet the next day.  I have absolutely NO idea if he would be able to reach his penis with his paws to scratch it or his mouth to bite it if he had.  He has allergies that make him scratch, and he does scratch and bite himself at times and I give him medication for his allergies when I notice it is bothering him. 

It just seems to me that blood that is SO dark and red, obviously not diluted with any urine could actually be blood in his urine.  No, it would do no harm to take him to the vet, but it really, really upsets him to go there and now I'm pretty convinced it was some sort of scratch by himself or outdoors.  Hopefully I am right but pretty sure they would run a battery of tests on him if I took him and they were unable to determine if he had scratched himself.  It's TOTALLY not about the money - I would sell everything I had for the health and happiness of my dog.  I don't have children and he is my only child, even though he has four legs, and what parent wouldn't go to any length for their child's health?  Bailey makes me so happy, his love is unconditional and he completely trusts me to take care of him.  I take that responsibility very seriously - there is absolutely NOTHING I would not do for that dog.  Spoiled?  Yes, very much so and everyone comments on it when they see us together.  But like I tell my husband, you can't spoil a good dog he disagrees. 

That reminds me of something I read today.  "Rescuing one dog won't change the world, but it will change the world of that one dog."   I almost started crying when I read that!!!

 I suppose I did something stupid on Sunday morning, but how do you know something is stupid until you've done it?  I ran in about 15 degree weather with fast intervals at the end of three miles.  After the first interval - I knew immediately what I had done.  I couldn't catch my breath, my lungs and the nose and mouth area (on the inside) felt like they were on fire.  I had unintentionally activated - badly - my asthma, caused by intense cardio in cold weather which makes it so much worse.  This gives me these horrible cold like symptoms and coughing nonstop.  It literally feels like I have one of the worst colds in my life when I get this way, and I still feel at times that I can't catch my breath or get enough air.  I *would* be coughing all of the time,  but I've been using two different inhalers which seems to have stopped that for the most part.  I STILL don't understand how cold symptoms are part of my asthma - you would think it would just affect my lungs, but my doctor has told me over and over ad nauseam that that's what it is and I need to believe him and accept it, that there is no test I can take where he can show me that this is what I have and it causes these types of problems.   Perhaps I am allergic to intense cardio and cold weather which causes asthma?  No clue, I can't figure it out and wanted to run to my doctor on Monday as well for him to "fix me", but once I have these symptoms, new inhaler or not, it can't be immediately remedied.  Only time and of course staying away from things that will activate it again (dust is one other), will make me better.  I really hope it's not asking too much for it all to be gone by Thanksgiving!

I posted on Facebook to Mark's sister that I was excited to come and be with Mark's family to celebrate Thanksgiving, although it will be a few days after Thanksgiving that we all get together.  It was a reply to a post about the weather, but after I said that, the only comment in return was about the weather, not a single word about her being happy we were coming and I really said quite a bit about it.  Can you say "bitch"?  I am certain that she does not want Mark and I there, I'm pretty sure she actually, literally hates us, but she means nothing to me in my life, does not affect in life in any way, so her behavior will not ruin my trip.  Perhaps I should take it as a compliment that we bother her so much.  It can only be jealousy and there are plenty, many things I could point out that she has said or done that would back it up.  I'll be my normal self, and not only that, act and feel like my normal self which just happens to be very happy at this moment, and if she refuses to acknowledges my existence (like last year), I totally don't care.  Actually, right now I see that to be a benefit - not having to talk to her, say a single word to her or be all fake pretending all is well with us and I like her.  To be honest, and maybe this sounds snobbish, I see her as so beneath me, her and her husband as so beneath Mark and I.  Perhaps we give off that vibe to her because I know Mark feels the same way, I have no clue, but that is how I feel.  Bailey is coming with us, so I'll have a distraction - cuddling and taking care of my much adored lap dog, which I love to do, the whole time! : )  He makes me very happy and it would be hard to not be in a good mood having Bailey with me!

So I'm cooking for Mark and I on Thanksgiving which I love to do, we're flying to Texas on Friday, running a race on Saturday morning, having Thanksgiving with his family Saturday afternoon, and flying home Sunday morning.  We now get along very well with his parents, Mark appreciates them very much now after being angry at them for awhile, so hopefully nothing on this trip will change our fond feelings for them and instead, just make them stronger.

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving, even if you will be alone on Thanksgiving!  Appreciate the solitude if you are, and know that the majority of families across the country have been dreading Thanksgiving and already know it will be a horrible day with their crazy, annoying families.  They would trade places with someone at home watching television on Thanksgiving in a heartbeat!  I know that I have had many, many Thanksgivings with various families where I longed for that to be me.  Actually, I just realized it has been me.  There have been times that I simply refused to go to Mark's parents house for Thanksgiving and really did appreciate being alone, knowing that my getting out of it was truly the best Thanksgiving of all!


susie said...

Haha. Enjoyed that last paragraph! Have fun.

KansasSunflower said...

Susie - lol! You did? It's SO true!!! : )

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