Picture Time!!!!

Since I have been home alone for quite awhile, my dog is absolutely my best friend. They say dogs get separation anxiety, but I think I get it worse when I have to leave him than he does! He was a rescue dog, and the stickers that say "Who rescued who?" is very true in my case. He was a present for Valentine's Day three years ago, and Mark and I both know he will never be able to outdo the Bailey gift!:)

Here are some pictures of my little guy (6 pounds) and a goofy one of me that I send to my husband "trying" to be sexy but he just laughs and says that is so not me to do that. Does trying count?:)

What is a dog to do during Lent when he can't eat meat?  Bailey drinks cranberry juice from a goblet and has an assortment of organic peanut butter treats. : )

Bailey LOVES watching television, even Juan Pablo on the Bachelor!  I've never seen a dog that loved to watch television as much as Bailey!

Merry Christmas from Bailey! : )

Bailey thinks he should be a model for the G.W. Little catalog.  Here he is posing, looking over his shoulder. : )

It's been freaking cold in Chicago!  Thank heavens for his "cuddle bed"!

I didn't even know Bailey's tongue was this long until I took this picture!

 I sent this to my husband as a very rare "sext".  Yes, just a leg in a high heeled shoe, ha!  I am so conservative that these are the most risqué shoes I own!  No need to tell me I have chicken legs, I've been told that plenty of times. : ) I think the childhood trauma has almost gone away!



Kristy said...

Such lovely pictures of Bailey. You really need to submit them somewhere . Also, your leg isn't bad at all. It is a sexy leg:)

KansasSunflower said...

Thanks Kristy!! You are so kind, that means a lot to me!:)

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