Surgery Scheduled

It's the morning (3:00 am) of my gallbladder surgery.  No food or drink after midnight, but I snuck in a cup of coffee so I wouldn't get a caffeine headache later.

What happened to cause the need for surgery was at about 1:00 am Tuesday morning, I got up and had some potato chips and Cheetoes.  I don't know why, why am I even a night eater?  I went back to bed and woke up around 3 because I was in pain.  I thought it would go away eventually, but it didn't.  It kept getting worse so around 6:00am I think, it had become about the worst pain I had ever known and was still getting worse.  Mark was all dressed and getting ready to leave for work when I asked him to take me to the emergency room.  We only live about 3 miles away from the hospital, but that was a long 3 miles!

When I started to tell the lady at the desk why I was there, I started crying a little.  It was a feeling of helplessness, I didn't had couldn't possibly know if they could help me.  I really thought they wouldn't find anything wrong with me which would have been bad.  I needed an explanation for the severe pain so I could avoid it happening again.

The nurse gave me pain medication right away through an IV and when I was feeling more comfortable, they ran a CAT scan.  Not that long afterwards, the doctor came and told me I had innumerous gall stones and one was blocking the duct or whatever and to make sure I eat very low fat meals that are small.  He gave me the name of a surgeon and said to see her within 2 days.  So I saw her yesterday and she agreed surgery was necessary.  She asked when I wanted it done, and I said as soon as possible!  I am so scared to eat anything and the pain coming back.  I hardly ate at all yesterday except for two bananas.  Before midnight earlier, I had 3 bananas.  I don't feel bad about it - it will be awhile before I can eat again.  For dinner last night, I just made one of my regular meals that are always very low fat, and I was fine.  I might have had the tiniest bit of phantom pain though, so I took a hydrocodone just to be sure.

My surgery is this morning around 11:30 or 11:45 and I have to be there an hour earlier. 

At first Mark wasn't going to see the surgeon with me after I had asked him to.  He said it was probably going to be just a "meet and greet".  I said ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  She will schedule surgery at that appointment!  He finally decided to go with me and of course I was right.  He has had only one surgery since we have been together and that is what happened to him, so he said that was his only knowledge of how it works.

I was so scared yesterday.  Right now I'm fine, I really want to get this gallbladder removed asap  because I don't know what will cause the pain to come back. I don't want to have to go to the ER again because the doctor said if it happened again, not to go back to the same hospital but the one in Naperville because they do have surgeons and have it removed immediately.  I do NOT want an open incision surgery and my surgeon will do it laproscopically.   Just like with the hysterectomy, less pain, shorter recovery time, all of that.

I have no idea how long the recovery process with take.  She said I will be tired and will be better in about two weeks.  But they told me that after my hysterectomy that I would be better in three which was so, so very wrong.  Doesn't really matter how long the recovery time is.  Right now I have all of the time in the world to recover.  I just want it DONE!

I had pretty much rallied our friends to do the Shamrock Shuffle (5 miles) on Sunday, and now I doubt I can go.  Mark said he isn't going either because he doesn't really like races that much.  He said I was the one who started racing, which is true.  I decide the race and sign us up, and then we go together. 

For the first time, it actually seems like people care about me.  All of these surgeries I've had and only the first one did I feel anyone cared except Mark.  The people are what I like about Chicago, but not much else right now.

Mark is still in the running for the CIO position.  It seems unreal to me that he would get it, yet he is totally qualified in just about every way from the job qualifications. It's like I can't believe he would get it, yet I wouldn't be able to understand why he wouldn't.    It is such a big leap for him salary wise - double both the salary and bonus.  I don't want to write too much more about it because I know I will look back later, just like when he was going through the process for the job in Duluth, and wonder why in the world did I let myself get so emotionally invested?  Looking for houses, I even tried to find a job there, I don't know why I was so certain.  I'm not doing that this time.  I will do nothing, not even continue to research Madison unless he gets the job.  I think I've pretty much convinced he won't because it would be such a huge change.  I also lo love our house and don't want to leave it, especially for an ugly house in Wisconsin.  For some reason, all of the houses that far north are really ugly, all wood and painted ugly dark colors.  Blah!

My friend online has been so nice, trying to find out all he can about my condition from his wife who is a nurse.  Online communication is so much easier for me, probably because I'm used to completely opening up in my blog.  Perhaps it is also easier because I am hiding behind something, not face to face.

I really want another cup of coffee and some water, but I will abstain.  The coffee was already breaking the rules.

I wonder what I will think of this entry when I read it afterwards?

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