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I made my blog private and it's weird yet nice at the same time because I'm only writing for myself.

My psychiatrist put me on Trazadone for sleep, and while it definitely improved my sleep, the side effects were awful. My stomach blew up like a ballon and actually hurt. I got a backache yet it wasn't an injury. I could move like normal and did things like touch my toes and swivel from side to side and it didn't hurt any worse at all. So somehow it was the Trazadone. I also had a groggy Trazadone hangover. When I see my doctor, I'll tell her about it, but I'm a pretty hard sell to try  something new again.

I took Bailey to the vet on Tuesday. It was very obvious that something was wrong. The vet said he had a bulging disk and gave me a couple of pills for him to take, and instructed me to not let him use any stairs or play something like throwing a ball (as if there is a ball made small enough for his mouth). I took a Away all the toys that hs rough with bc the doctor wants him to use his back as little as possible. It is impossible to keep him from running to the stairs, out of the blue, and go upstairs. Hopefully all of the times we've carried him up and down is enough. What else can we do?

My husband is up for  CIO position in Madison WI and while he is more than qualified and I would absolutely love if he got it, it seems really unlike that he will. Double his pay? How crazy would that be? Yet he is so very unhappy with his job right now and this has given him hope that there really are opportunities for him instead of feeling stuck in his job. I really want him to get it, yet at the same time, trying not to get emotionally attached to something that will probably not happen.

We went to a dinner party at his boss's house, and let me tell you, his wife really knows how to throw one! In a million years I would never be able to do what she did - so much work! The we all sat around the table and had such great conversation except for what I consider Mark's nemesis. He threw him under the bus 3 times during our conversation, once his boss even defended him. It was funny, he kept saying it was time for them to leave but he kept getting cut off and everyone ignored him. I really, really can't stand this guy although his wife was okay, much nicer, friendlier and more talkative than her loser of a husband.

That's all I can think of right now except hurry up warm weather! I am so shocked that winters here can effect so negatively physically and mentally. I really hate Chicago right now.

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