I can remember names now!!!!

I've always had trouble remembering oeople's names! It has been so bad that someone will tell me their name, and within seconds I've already forgotten it.

My new bestie taught me this incredible trick that really does work! I did it all day today and still remember everyone's name. There was Marlene at the restaurant, Birnette checked us out at Wal- Mart, Ronnie at Jiffy Lube tried to give me directions but failed and it turned into an awkward conversation with him looking at my wedding finger. Need to be careful, it can come off as flirting . Melissa at the tanning salon, and my next door neighbors, whom I never have known their names, are Carol are Jim.

Jim looks like a teenager from a distance and apparentally we weren't the only ones who thought that. Awhile back I told her that her son was a hard worker, then was horrified when I thought reality sunk in and it was her husband. I just abruptly walked away without saying anything else. When I did my whole name thing, I apologized for calling her husband her son but she said that really was her her son.  She said while she was flattered I thought it was her husband, Jim probably wasnt't in a nice way. Ha! He's got to be in his 30's or so now that I have seen him close up. I thought he was in high school.

I'm going to Chicago tomorrow with my new friend because she has some business to do quickly, then we 'll have lunch. Next she has planned for us to take a lake tour of Chicago's architecture. I find stories about Chicago's architecture fascinating!!!

Wish I had more to write but I just don't. Tomorrow I have to get a dr's note so I can make up an exam when I was so incredibly fatigued from dehydration. I hope all of that goes smoothly!

That's about it for now dear diary. Wish I could stay asleep for the night after I go to sleep!!

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