Trazadone Side Effect and I HATE PRIME THERAPEUTICS

When I was rationing my klonipin because I used it faster than I could reorder, I took double trazadone thinking it would help my anxiety.  It seems like it has an anti-anxiety effect on me.  But I felt so very nauseous and when I finally got my klonipin and stopped doubling trazadone, the nausea went away.  I attributed it to withdrawal from my daily dose of klonipin.

Last night, I took Trazadone (my daily dosage is 100mg for sleep) right before I went to bed.  I take it to sleep through the night and it usually works but not 100%.  I woke up in the middle of the night so I took another Trazadone (100mg) and went back to bed.  This morning I got that same icky feeling that I thought was klonipin withdrawals, and have been throwing up, and not just a little heaving, but where you vomit heavily and wonder if you will ever be able to stop.  I tried to go to back to bed but wasn't tired and so, so very bored that I am now up.  When I am laying down in bed I feel okay but incredibly bored and there is so much I want to do with my new online business, but now I got up and feel...I wish I knew how to describe it.  I can't put it into words.  Like my head is going in and out, but I know that doesn't make sense.  It's a sensation and those are difficult for me to describe and I am ALL about describing to the last detail!! : )

I thought I must have an allergic reaction to it at 200mg and looked it up. Nausea and vomiting on Trazadone are just simply side effects!  What?!?  A SIDE EFFECT? Vomiting?  That's one hell of a side effect.  If I am okay and it lets me sleep through the night at 100mg, I guess I will keep taking it unless I just totally forget I took it, never take more than 100mg.  I will obviously be able to tell and suffer for it if I do forget and take it twice.  It doesn't happen to the vast majority of people who take it from what I can tell, so anyone considering it, I wouldn't worry about it unless it did happen.

So, so very grateful I am being productive at home at this point in my life. When I look at all the angles, working from home, as long as I am motivated, is the perfect solution for me right now. Today, for instance, I would have had to go home sick for the day, but instead, I was so very ill, went to bed and got bored, and am now going to work in Gimp 2 (such a hard application but free and does what I need eventually that the easy free software cannot do).  AND...saves me almost $2k from buying Adobe Photoshop, but right now it seems worth it because I know how to use it pretty well. I don't have $2K to spend on my business right now though, but later it might be justified.  By then, I should know Gimp well enough that it would still be wasted money.

The only thing I am missing which is pretty huge for me since I am such a social person is the social aspect.  But...I do try to interact in the etsy community, just don't have much time for that.  The time I spend doing that, even though I learn so, so much I feel is sort of wasted because I could have been creating.  Yet, they talk a lot about promoting your shop, items, and everything about a business that I didn't know.  The yucky right brain stuff I hate (anything math) Mark said he would do, like bookkeeping.  Not anything to do right now since I haven't sold anything and am way negative.

Does anyone have an etsy shop and perhaps has some advice they could give me?  Or doesn't have to be etsy specifically - an e-based business?  I BEG for advice from anyone and everyone! : )

I hate, hate the way my insurance makes me refill my prescriptions. My insurance company, for the prescriptions I take that are recurring, I have to use Prime Therapeutics.  Does anyone else?  I can not think of another entity in the consumer market that I hate more than Prime Therapeutics.  They categorically deny certain prescriptions (of course the very expensive ones, and my husband, with insider information, says it doesn't matter who the person is or what the reason, it is automatic for particular medications) and it takes tons of work from the psychiatrists to get that prescription approved.  It's happened to me with Latuda and a sleeping medication which I can't think of the name now because my brain is mush.  I had no choice but to wait out the Latuda, but with the sleeping medication (maybe Lunesta?) I got impatient after about a month and called my psychiatrist to just change it back to Trazadone.  I HATE them!  They sent me a customer satisfaction survey not that long ago and I totally ripped them a new one.  That is extremely, extremely unlike me when I believe people don't get nearly enough positive feedback and do my part to improve that, but this is one case where they need to know they suck worse than any company in the entire universe.  When I called the other day to check on my prescriptions, I was greeted with an automation that said "Thank you for choosing Prime Therapeutics".  Are you freaking kidding me?  Just THAT made me furious.  I did NOT choose them, I have no choice, and if I did, they would only be a completely, absolutely, very last choice I would make.   Maybe a catastrophe would occur only on all other pharmacies in the US and the only left was Prime Therapeutics.  Okay, then I would consider them, but only consider.

They left a message with my husband for me to call them (even though every single time I am on their website I put MY phone number for my prescriptions, and tell them I prefer to be contacted by my email address which I re-enter every single freaking time!) They ALWAYS ignore that and irritate my husband by leaving a message for me to him.  OMG I hate them.  So they did that, he gave me the message, and I called back thinking it was about the prescriptions I sent in and was waiting on.  You know what they wanted??  Several months ago I had run out of medications because I was so depressed I could not even leave the house to see my psychiatrist (diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder - or SA Depression?) and she called in an emergency two week supply for all of them to my local pharmacy which I guess is allowed.  So MONTHS later, they made me call them back to tell me I should be getting those through Prime Therapeutics, not a local pharmacy.  Well duh!  I would if they could refill it the same day!  But no, even if I choose overnight shipping, they still take an incredibly long amount of time to get my prescriptions to me.  This time I called to complain, and they told me even with overnight shipping, once the prescriptions are received (takes several days for them even to get there because I have to mail them in) it takes 4-5 days to process and THEN overnight shipping.  What sucks even worse than that?  They charged me and took my money three days before they even sent it!  I was furious because of course I was rationing my klonipin and was anxiously waiting every day.  There is not a company I hate worse than Prime Therapeutics.  I know what the whole deal is.  An insurance company only loses money on prescriptions, so they make it AS DIFFICULT as possible to get refills.  And they know I have NO CHOICE but to use Prime Therapeutics, so they have no competition except for dumping my insurance which is not a choice since my husband works at that very insurance company that forces me to use Prime Therapeutics!  I've discussed with him many, many times about changing insurance JUST BECAUSE of the horrible, wretched Prime Therapeutics but we get quite a killer deal on health insurance, of course (why wouldn't health insurance be free if you work for an insurance company?  I am not an ingrate, I know we are fortunate for our discounts on premiums). I just wish I could get refills on the same day just a few miles from my house.  I could write a whole blog entry on how awful and horrible Prime Therapeutics is.  They can take their whole "Thank you for choosing Prime Therapeutics" opening message when called and shove it up a dark hole.  I think it is obvious what "dark hole" I am referring to.  When I think about it, they are probably purposefully understaffed.  Why would an insurance company spend more money on their own prescription company when it just loses money for them and their customers have no choice if they want to use their insurance benefits to use them?  I really like our insurance company, but hate the prescription process with a piece of shit company like Prime Therapeutics that they created and own with such poor customer processes and wait times!  If my husband didn't work for that insurance company, I would be so much more rude.  God help me if I get hypomanic and turn my attention and anger to Prime Therapeutics.   I know myself and I would be calling obsessively demanding to speak to managers - forget managers, directors, VP's, to complain in a totally irrational manner, yet it wouldn't mean I didn't actually feel that way.  Okay, so every time I am over the top angry when I am hypomanic I always feel justified when later I realize it was nonsense, but in this case, it would not be imagined.  They really do suck to the highest amount anything can suck.  Wow, how do I put in words any stronger how much I despise them?  I could be more vivid about it but I think I've made it clear enough.

Have a great awesome day to anyone reading this!  Big hugs from me and little puppy kisses from Bailey - the best kind! : )

How in the world can I not absolutely adore and spoil the creature that loves me the most in the world???  Everyone needs a pet - one that is rescued, of course! : )  Don't shop, ADOPT!!! 


susie said...

Trazodone reminds me of Bradley Cooper. ;-)

KansasSunflower said...

Funny, Susie! I remember that part when he was listing so many psychiatric medications. The sad part? I had been on almost every single one of them at one point! I didn't remember Trazadone though, I suppose because when I watched the movie I didn't know what it was yet. : ) Hope you are doing well - school starts soon or has started for you?

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