Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

I was locked out of my blog once again, and just now figured out how to access it again.  It looks like there have been changes to blogger, and I have emailed the person who has fixed my blog before, but that was several years ago!

I am so sleepy, do not think I have much in me to write an entry.  I have a friend who has been suicidal for some time, but she did not tell me at first.  I knew she was very, very depressed and wondered if suicide was on her mind.  Finally she told me it was.  I wanted her to know she had someone to talk to that would not judge her, so I briefly told her about what I went through.  For me, it was therapeutic and made me feel not so lonely with this disease, and I believe for her, she no longer felt alone and finally someone understood her.  She is checking herself into a facility on Monday.  I am SO relieved.  It was hard getting those texts from her - you know, saying THOSE things and not sure what to say to talk her down off the ledge. I will say though, my experience with these feelings helped in this situation.  I could not bare to tell her she would not be 100% well when she leaves treatment  -  it's not really my place, right?  And she could be, how do I know?

My wreath business, oh my gosh.  I find it so difficult just to make one wreath.

I have a new psychiatrist that I really like.  I will explain more why I had to change.

K - wish me luck conquering the elusive sleep...

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