Saturday BlahDay

It's Saturday afternoon, and Mark and I had breakfast together and then went to marriage counseling.  Our counseling used to be sort of easy, but the last few sessions have become combative and I am not sure why.  Now I wait for something to come up for him to start complaining about me.  I know those are the wrong words, not really complaining.  I am not even sure what we are arguing about.  What is the struggle exactly?  He seems to be the one with the problem, but why?

I started back on Zonegran about a week ago and have been *so tired*.  When we got home from counseling, I went straight to bed and slept for several hours.  Mark came upstairs and asked if I wanted any lunch and I said yes, then he left.  I got up and am still up but with no energy.  I am very hot, but I need to change out of this sweatshirt and leggings.

We have a Memorial Day party we were invited to and one of *our* friends has been texting me if I am going, but I do not want to.  I am too fat to be seen in public, and I am way too tired.  I drank a whole 5 hour energy but all it has done is made me anxious.

I better text her now, I am sure she will not be happy.

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