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A quick update on my last post - I confronted Mark on his attitude last weekend the night after the concert, and he was not even aware of the attitude I explained, and right away, he apologized profusely.  It was so immediate, I was not expecting that at all, I was expecting some sort of denial.  I was really taken aback and did not know how to react or feel.  I found myself initially still angry, but then thought...he apologized right away and seemed very sincere - what else could I expect from confronting him?  So I kept to myself for a short while and my anger went away quickly.

I am pretty lost as to what is wrong with me.  I simply have to document this in my blog for reference, this is a main reason I journal.

I have felt so horrible for several weeks now.  Crazy anxiety with nothing that would help alleviate at all.  I was doing really well with the increase of Zonegran from 150 to 200, but it seemed that when I increased that small amount, that is when the whole thing happened.  Then I thought it was green tea mixed with Zonegran, then fruit/Zonegran, etc etc.  Anxiety has been controlling my life and just about everything I do or mostly, do not do.

For some reason, I assumed it was heartburn, and have been drinking antacid straight out of the bottle - 10 bit gulps at a time, taking 4 Prilosec a day, and I am not sure if it helped at all.  I thought the heartburn from the drug interactions was causing my anxiety and stomach problems.  One day I felt so horrible, the diarrhea (sorry) was so severe and I was so, so fatigued that I gave up and went to bed in the afternoon.  The next day I woke up, strangely calm and without anxiety and thought maybe I was sick the day before.  Yet it did not seem like I was sick.

I was on my way to my psychiatrist yesterday having already decided to tell her I could not take Zonegran any longer, even though I have taken the same dosage in the past and it actually helped my anxiety to the point of being virtually nonexistent.

Since that was the only thing that had been changed for psychiatric medications, I started thinking back to anything else I had changed and then it hit me.  But yet, I do not know for sure this is what my problem is, and I think I am annoying my psychiatrist by trying to figure this out myself, yet she would have never known this so I do not think she could have thought of it.  So...fine, be annoyed.  I will never stop researching my own health.

In the beginning of Spring, my allergies go so, so bad and I started getting a lot of really bad headaches that would turn to migraines if I did not take my migraine medication (Imitrex).  I normally take one or two per month and have never noticed any problems with it, or if I did have problems, I do not remember nor associate it with anything.

I started taking about 8 per month - every month including this month.  I have one left until the end of August.  So I did a quick search on Imitrex, and wouldn't you know what I found!  ALL of my symptoms, where heartburn or Zonegran did not ever really match closely what was wrong with me.
On PsychCentral, there was a whole article about it - how people who suffer from anxiety and panic as well as migraines had to choose when they got a migraine which would be worse - deal with the migraine or deal with the anxiety from taking a migraine medication.

So that is what I told her I had found. But it also mentioned Serotonin Syndrome which the pharmacist had warned me about with Imitrex, but my family doctor is really, really careful about what he prescribes.  She said I did not have it, it was much more serious than my symptoms, and THAT may have led to her irritation.

She looked up Imitrex and said it was quite possible that could be the problem.  I do not think she just went along with me (not that she would anyway), because e did not take me off of Zonegran.  We went back to 150 mg instead of the 200mg.  Also - take Prilosec daily and make an appointment with an allergist.  I do have an allergist but have only seen her once, enough to know how bad I am allergic to certain things in the air - the most extreme being dust.  Not just dust mites but actual dust as well.  And it is true, it makes me feel awful.  People may think their house is clean, but when I walk in, sure, it is tidy and clean, but that does not mean they do not have a lot of dust and not necessarily layers of dust on furniture.  I know my mother in law is a bit OCD and believes she keeps a very tidy and clean house, but it is not although I would never tell her.

We have a maid service, and I constantly, constantly, constantly stress how there can be absolutely NO DUST anywhere in the house. Sure, the house gets messy, the dishes may pile up, but I'll be damned if there is any dust - HA!  You won't find any.

Wow, got off on a tangent.  So I am back to taking my regular maintenance allergy medications as I *think* that should help my migraines that are caused by allergies.  I do always take Singular, but I also have a prescription nose spray and asthma inhaler.  I know, too many medications which is why I slack off of the allergy/asthma stuff.  My body just does NOT want to ingest that much medication.

But...I will still get a migraine here and there so...I will go the the very rude allergist again who insists and will not back down that Bailey - my much adored 6 pound dog can not sleep with me in bed.  I am not allergic to him, but to what he gets on him when he is outside.  Neither of us would budge, so I just did not go back.  But...she was a really good doctor, so I will go back to her.

K - documentation done.


Ela Kaimo said...

Wow, that is a LOT of meds! I hope you find the right combination for you to feel truly better. Sending love your way!

Kansas Sunflower said...

Thank you so much Ela Kaimo! : )

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