Uncle Charlie

I still cannot believe it.  I lost contact to my Uncle Charlie, my mother's brother, decades ago.  The last time I saw and spoke to him was probably when I was 16.  Was it at my grandmother's funeral?  I adored him so much and missed him dearly.  I tried my best to search for him, which I consider myself to be quite good at, but to no avail.

My mother has a facebook account and yesterday I just happened to look at it, and I could not believe what I saw - his name in her friends list!

My heart dropped a little though.  Who knows what she has told him about me?  If anything, it couldn't be good.

I sent a friend request to him and was hugely surprised when he accepted right away.

So I have it for the future, here is what he said (I know, it is not much, but even the smallest thing from my beloved Uncle Charlie after decades means so, so much to me):

"KansasSunflower" I can not believe this is you. It is so good to hear form you. Your all grown up. and married? Working? How are you.I can never get any info from "your mother". I really hope life is good for you. Love to hear more from you.Love you.

I sent a message to a cousin who had been searching for him for years and years as well, and now several cousins are reconnected with him now.  I wonder if they have been exchanging messages with him?  I know they are SO happy to have "found" him again - I just hope he is happy as well.  What if he did not want to be found?

I miss him and wish I could see him.  I cannot imagine there being anything he could tell me about his life that would make me love him any less.  He is my Uncle Charlie, and Uncle Charlie's only come around once in a lifetime.

It has been a few days since I messaged him back and I have not heard from him, but Mark said to be patient and wait.  When I think about it, what is the other choice?  I think Mark meant before coming to the worst conclusions that I often do.  So, okay.  With family though, my family, on that side, I guess I expect the worst.  I wake up thinking of Uncle Charlie now.

Yes, he really did mean that much to me as a child, he really did.  He still does and always will.

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