Please Not a Fight...

Mark called and is on his way home, will be here shortly.  Quick predictor - this will be a terrible night and we most likely will argue.  I have not done anything that has made him angry and no one is upset at him at work.  Someone got a big promotion at work, in a different department from him, for a job that he did not apply for.  And he is furious that this person who got the job is a full VP while he is not.  Yet...he did not apply for the job.  And he does not even work in that department.

As a matter of fact, he would have had an excellent chance of having this very job had he stayed in that department, but he could not get out of there fast enough once his project was over.  They wanted him to stay, but that is how he is - restless, unhappy where he is and is always looking over the fence at the grass he swears must be greener.

He was fuming, yelling on the phone about it as we was telling me about it, letting me know he was on the way home instead of going to the person who held the position's going away party (because the person who got the job was going to be there - I would say sore loser, yet...he how did he lose exactly?)

I will not be able to say anything right.  Anything I say, any tone, any approach, any topic, even if I say nothing, I bet it will be wrong going on previous experiences.

That means I will get yelled at.  Or should I say..."I am NOT yelling!  This is how men cry!"  In other words, yelling.  Or just simply...I am not yelling.

How in the world do I keep myself from engaging if everything I say is going to be wrong.

Yet...isn't there something wrong with HIM?

Sure, I get jealousy - to a point.

But something good happened for someone today.

Why does something good happening to someone else, not him, mean something bad happened to HIM instead?  Why is that the first reaction?

Why is everything about HIM at work?

Do other people see him that way?

It is so hard to live with - it is an emotional rollercoaster that must be treated very carefully - with white velvet gloves at all times.  If that is the male ego OMG.

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