Mark is worried about his job, and I, of course, lost my job in November and have not been working. Since Mark works in the health care industry and Obama is talking about sweeping changes, he has every right to be worried. I am too.

I've been so BORED lately. World of Warcraft just isn't "cutting it" anymore. Thank goodness I have my appointment with the volunteer group on Thursday, it's something to do. As long as I pass the interview and background check, classes then begin in July. If all goes well, I'll be "sworn in" in August. Wow, what a volunteer job, I know. But in this case, you have to be extra careful.

I went to dinner for Mark's birthday (belated) on Sunday, but did NOT want to go. Mark is SO anti-Obama, all he does is lament about how Obama is directly attacking his way of life in every facet. His dad is such a Republican, I didn't want to sit through that for over an hour, told Mark I didn't want to go and sit through that. I mean, I REALLY told him. So we got there, and the first thing his dad said was the economy would start to get better in about 3 years (meaning when Obama was out of office). Mark quickly said he thought I was tired of hearing about things like that, and his dad apologized and we moved on. Thank goodness! I'm not all pro-Obama, but I'm not anti-Obama either, and I always get stuck on the pro-Obama side. I'm a liberal, Obama is a liberal, so you see my situation.

I'm pretty flat right now mood wise, just bored out of my mind which is probably how I should be.

Age and weight have been heavy on my mind lately. Age - I never thought of myself as "old", but it's like people beat it into you. "Are you 40?" like it's so old, and like I look 40 anyway, or they don't act surprised when I tell them I'm 40. I don't feel old, but society keeps telling me I am. It doesn't help that Mark is 33.

Weight - it's no surprise that I can't lose weight when I sit on the couch all day. I disgust myself. I have no clothes I can wear, just one pair of shorts and a few t-shirts that I cycle through day after day. The shorts will barely button, but it's all I have.

Mark keeps talking about productivity, how can I be productive when I can't find a job? I can clean house, yes, move things around, but I have no motivation to do that. He talks about money, but what am I supposed to do? Work at McDonald's? He doesn't even want that for me.

I think the volunteer job will be very good for me, and I'm hoping it will lead to a paying position, you never know. Or maybe the inspiration to go back to school and get licensed as a social worker.
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