I'm Back In My Blog!!

Oh my gosh!  Finally back into my blog!  I have been locked out, trying to get it on the gmail platform and forgetting my username/password!  Finally I have it figured out. : )

I have no idea where to start...maybe from here forward.

I have really, really missed writing, more than I could ever convey in words.  It is so important for me I now see, not that I did not realize that in the past.  But now I *really* realize it!

I am glad I will be able to stream my conscienceness once again.  I did start a new blog but it wasn't the same.  I did not make it public (probably better, actually), and after writing in this one for SO many years I lost my motivation.

Back in MY blog, so very thankful.  I am sure I have changed somewhat in a few years and a new city - and new business that is stressing me THE FREAK OUT!

Talk soon. : )

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